Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oils have long been identified to have numerous positive effects on circulatory problems. But what most people don’t realise is that it also contributes substantially to gluten free healing and transformation.

But how so?

Lets look at the 10 Main Reasons why Fish Oils can prevent further gluten damage and aid in the recovery healing process.

Gluten Free Diet, 10 Reasons why you need Fish Oils

1. Reverses the effects of aging. Fish oil micronutrient vitamins slow the degeneration of cells by minimizing the effects of inflammation. This directly affects the cell’s lifespan as well as it’s function and it ultimately leads to resilience against sensitivities, illnesses and the body’s natural decline.

2. Improves metabolism. Gluten free vitamins and other micronutrients such as fish oil also speeds up your body’s internal processes so you get to immediately take advantage of the benefits you expect out of your lifestyle change. This involves being able to utilize the nutrients you digest promptly and then getting rid of the unwanted elements that were inadvertently included.

3. Relieves joint pain. Knowing that omega 3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties, it can also be concluded that they are effective when it comes to controlling rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, namely joint pain and a decrease in mobility. However, it should be clarified that this gluten free micronutrient vitamin is not a cure for the disease itself, rather a preventative and necessary supplement aid.

4. Strengthens the lungs. Research on the gluten free benefits of taking fish oil have recently led to the conclusion that it also increases lung function, thereby preventing stress, exposure and exercise-induced asthma attacks. This all comes back to the fact that the supplement has a powerful anti-inflammatory influence.

5. Sharpens the mind. Taking omega-3 fatty acids naturally aids the relay of brain impulse by adding to the layer of fat in the neurons that conduct electrical signals. As a gluten free coach, this is probably one of the most crucial gluten free benefits I would like to identify because we all know how gluten and chemicals from “brain” meds adversely affect our body functions.

6. Lessens sick days. One might question the viability of fish oils as a means for strengthening the immune system when it has anti-inflammatory effects. But the fact of the matter is, it’s been tested and proven to boost white blood cell quantity, which plays a big factor in keeping away colds and preventing other diseases.

7. Cancer Prevention. Speaking of diseases, gluten free vitamins and micronutrients such as fish oil, are also reliable when it comes to inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. There have been studies substantiating this in relation to colon, prostate and breast cancer. However, as a gluten free coach, I strongly advise that you also seek medical attention if you suspect that you are susceptible to the condition.

8. Strengthens the body. Having touched on the effects of fish oil on the mind, it is now important that we discuss its influence on the body. Omega-3 fatty acids actually speed up the reparative process of cells so you could quickly bounce back after being physically challenged. It should be noted though that fish oils don’t build up muscles like other supplements. Therefore, it shouldn’t be counted on for body sculpting purposes.

9. Promotes a healthy heart. As mentioned in the first paragraph, fish oils are widely known to be helpful when it comes to maintaining a healthy circulatory system. Central to that system is the heart. The benefits for everyone, not just gluten free lifestylers, of omega-3 fatty acids have been well-documented over the years, especially in lowering triglycerides (fat carrying particle in the blood). So it’s no surprise that this entry made the list for a happy health heart.

10. Keeps the blues away. There’s nothing like depression to keep people from being the best versions of themselves. Thankfully, fish oils are available to combat the negative influence of hormonal imbalance brought about by many toxicities in our surrounding environments, including gluten toxicity.

Who would of known…
That there were so many amazing benefits to Omega 3 Fish Oils?

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