Gluten free diet Wholefoods vs. Supplements

The gluten free diet ideally strives to accomplish complete nutrition through the elimination of gluten and gluten derivatives from the food’s we eat. The question posed however is can living a gluten free diet provide your body with the adequate essentials nutrients it requires for optimal health?

It’s thought that our food today in the 21st Century may not give us all that we require when it comes to essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  All that stuff that our cells need to heal, repair and grow.  Rather we’ve created an environment where food is so readily available to us through many different sources and in many causes not sources from the ground.  It’s meant that to live with optimal health we must be more more diligent when it comes to monitoring our daily food and vitamin dosages to ensure we’re providing our body with the essentials it needs.

How do we supply our body with the essentials?

This can be debatable but without a doubt the best foods are whole and come from the ground.  However when it comes to ensuring our supply of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants how does eating whole foods or using supplement compare? Like anything they both have pros and cons to take note of, yet they both require considerable amount of attention.

As far as availability goes, wholefood choices and gluten free supplements are easy to get, be it either through grocery stores, local farmers markets, health food stores and now even online. Their prices aren’t really an issue either because most of the time, they just even out through preparations and quantity. Supplements also hold just as much high quality readily available nutrients as whole foods if you use the right ones.  This is determined by a number of factors such as the quality of pharmaceutical grade, bioavailability, macro availability, absorbency, macular health, effects on heart, brain & liver health and many more.  But most importantly ones that actually work!  If we were to talk about recommendations between whole foods vs. supplements from health experts, both are equally favoured by different professionals for many different reasons.

The choice between wholefoods and supplements really depends on your preference, lifestyle and diet. If you like  convenience and the reassurance that your body is getting exactly what it requires you may opt for gluten free vitamins and supplements. Where as if you’re a wholefoodie you really need to ask yourself, can the foods I eat really provide my body with the ample amount of nutrients it requires daily to run optimally?

Can you get adequate Omega 6’s for foods, what about Vitamin D, Vitamin B6?
They say that to get your daily serve of Vitamin B6 alone you’d need to eat an average of 80 banana’s a day.  I love banana’s but not that much.

If you’re on a path of healing without doubt your body requires larger dosages above the norm to aid in the cell regeneration process.  For this exact reason I recommend to everyone not just those healing on a gluten free diet, that a well balanced diet needs to be supported with an ample supply of readily available nutrients.

It’s important to keep in mind in this stage is the fact that vitamins and minerals don’t naturally exist on their own. They are often accompanied by enzymes, co-enzymes and co-factors that allow them to do their job. With that perspective, it makes more sense to acquire natural supplements over synthetic ones loaded with fillers that simply don’t work.   After all our bodies metabolise, absorb and distribute natural products much easier and with a better outcome.

So which would you choose?
I always recommend coming to your own conclusions based on your own experiences. I only say that as after being a wholefoodie myself for such a long time I didn’t think supplements were for me.  That was until I discovered my own experiences of finally giving nutrient supplements a go, ones that actually work.

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