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Gluten Free Liver CleanseLove your LIVER!

The liver is an organ I could talk and talk and talk about until I’m blue in the face. Why?  Well we only have one liver and it is directly linked to so many elements in our bodies, as well as responses that our bodies display visually from the outside.

– Our skin is our largest organ
– 80% of the brain is water
– Our heart beats around 100,000 times per day, that’s around 35 million times per year.
– The largest internal organ is the small intestine.

however… I believe that our most important organ is, our liver.


Why is the liver so important?

Each and every day our liver works continuously to protect us from our many different effects from toxins that we are continually surrounded by.  From where we wash our hands, to the shampoo and conditioner we use, pesticides on foods (organic and non organic pesticides) and event the radiation we absorb from the sun.  Often our livers can become over worked which can compromise our health.

When we consider all of these surrounding environmental factors that enter our body in many different ways, how does our body get rid of them once they’re inside us?  Insert our LIVER.
The liver is the primary way in which our body expels toxins and cleanses our bodies.  It continually filters our blood of the poisons/toxins that enter through our digestive tract, skin and respiratory system.

When our livers become overworked like a backup up highway our entire system can be completely thrown off balance, challenging our health and our bodies strength to protect itself.

The liver is also responsible for storing energy, breaking down fat (linked to healthy weight loss), producing cholesterol and performing several other essential bodily functions. Our liver is a highly robust organ, capable of constant cellular turnover in order to meet the demands of the body.  So yes, it’s quite important.  Ultimately the liver is linked to MANY bodily demands, functions and much more.

I too never use to look after my liver.  That was until I learnt about the essential roll our liver plays on our health and since adapting daily liver health habits I can not say that my body feels completely different.


What can damage your Liver:

– Stress
– Poor food choices; GMO, pesticides, processed foods
– Long term alcohol consumption
– Malnutrition
– Viral Hepatitis
– Medications / Prescription drugs
– Recreational drugs

Cleansing and protecting our liver ‘should’ be a daily habit for us all, however it’s sadly not.  Just like we brush our teeth so they don’t fall out it’s essential for health today and long into our future that we protect and nurture our livers, just like a child would for her doll, you may for a new car, or even your mobile cell phone.

But who honestly cares for their liver, ever day?

Yes of course there are a percentage of people whom do, including myself but that’s only a small percentage.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know what other small things you can do on a daily to support your liver, even if it’s cheaper than a cup of coffee!

Love Your LiverTop 7 Liver Cleansing Foods:

– Turmeric
– Grapefruit
– Garlic
– Green Vegetables
– Avocados  (my favourite)
– Green Tea
– Walnuts

Before I go, I’m always asked.  What do I do?  For when it comes to liver health.


How do I cleanse my liver on a daily basis?

Firstly what I do is a habit, I look after my liver just as I we all do with our teeth, when I’m on Holiday, after dinner etc.
1.  I eat a well balanced diet, high with alkaline foods (see above list)
2.  I drink clean fresh water always, reverse osmosis water is what I choose.
3.  Mediation – I meditate everyday and remove unneeded stresses in my life.
4.  I take daily liver cleansing product pack.  (you can find it here)

Regardless of what is going on n my life or where I am. I take #4 everywhere with me.  I have my liver for life and know how it effects my mood, fat storage, skin health and energy levels, everyday I work with my liver to keep it clean and cleansed.

Find our more about my all Gluten Free Daily Liver Cleanse here.


I hope you’ve found this helpful and informative.  Would love to hear your comments below!


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