I am sure that at some stage in the past or the present you have felt slightly run down, stressed, tired, unhealthy or even fatigued. Chances are that your insides have been working twice as hard as you are in order to help you preform at your best.

For us to complete all of our regular daily tasks our bodies require a large range of essential vitamins and minerals. Being deficient in anyone of these can cause a breakdown in our metabolic pathways, not to mention you may also be exposing yourself to degenerative diseases and other life threatening illnesses.  Obviously, this is NOT what you want!

Taking a high potency multi vitamin and multi-mineral helps ensure that daily you are getting the necessary nutrients to enable the thousands of metabolic reactions to occur within us each day.

Eating GF and adopting a gluten free diet can be challenging enough particularly in the phase of change from gluten to non gluten. Changing your diet in anyway causes a shift and movement within us on a cellular health level so it’s important to provide our bodies with essential vitamins to make this transition phase is as smooth as possible.

Gluten Free Vitamins

Changes to our diet can also add extra stress on our bodies both physically and physiologically.  If you’re anything like me when I went Gluten Free for the first time there was already plenty of damage that had already occurred in my stomach and intestines. The last thing I wanted to do was to put more stress on these vital organs. With the correct essential vitamins and supplementation however I was able to aid in my cell’s change and recovery through cellular restructuring during this process and I strongly recommend this to all of my clients.

Sourcing gluten free foods can be difficult enough we both know this, now try finding good quality, high potency nutritionals that are gluten free. I’ve spent plenty of time researching products that not only deliver what they say they will, but are highly nutrient, world class and most importantly get absorbed efficiently in order for our bodies to be able to use them. And I’ve finally found ones that actually work.

I’m here to share my personal experiences with you, and that there is a brand with a wide range of gluten free vitamin products that does exactly this.  The hunt is over!

The brand that I found to be clearly miles above the rest is Usana Health Sciences. Usana manufacture pharmaceutical grade vitamins that you guessed it … that are all completely gluten free vitamins.  I’ve been taking them for some time now and I honestly can’t go a day without them. I truly trust them, why? Because they truly work.

All of Usana’s gluten free vitamin products are completely Gluten Free, Safe, High Potency and contain first class ingredients.  They’re easy on the gut and they’ve helped me heal any past damage caused by previous gluten intake.  So it just goes to show that high quality vitamins are essential for gluten free transformations, gluten free living and a must for regular gluten free diet health.

Here is a list of my personally trusted Usana product range:


My top 5 Daily MUST have Gluten Free Vitamins

1. Usana Essentials: Mutli-Mineral & Antioxidant (Multivitamin)
2. BioMega – Omega-3 Fatty Acids
3. Active Calcium Plus – Calcium & Magnesium
4. Poly C – Vitamin C
5. Vitamin D


My personal optimisers: that I choose and love for extra health support

Usana Probiotic (My personal favourite, I take this once every two days for gut health)
Proflavanol C100 – Grape Seed Extract & Vitamin C
CoQuinone 100 – Coenzyme Q-10 & Alpha-Lipoic Acid


Usana’s additional gluten free product’s

E-Prime – Vitamin E
Procosamine – Joint Health: Glucosamine, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium & Manganese
PhytElle – Women’s Health
Visionex – Eye Health: Vitamin C, Zinc, Vaccinium & more
Ginkgo-PS – Concentration & Memory
Hepa Plus – Liver Health



Gluten Free Vitamins for the Kids too:

Usanimals – Mutli-Mineral & Antioxidant (Multivitamin)
Body Rox – Mutli-Mineral & Antioxidant (Multivitamin) For teenagers
Biomega Jr. – Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Chewable Active Calcium – Calcium & Magnesium  these ones taste like lollies! SO GOOD!


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Interested in more?  I encourage you to do some more research yourself. Visit www.jemalee.usana.com or alternatively email me directly info@wellsome.com.

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This article is based on my own experiences. If you wish to learn more about Usana or how to Save 20% off products please email me at info@wellsome.com.