There is all the hype going around about this Gluten Free stuff… but I’m sure your asking yourself what is exactly is Gluten Free?

Let me explain…

Gluten, for the most part is a protein that is synthesized out of grains like wheat, barley and rye. It was initially discovered by Buddhist monks back in the 7th century and was eventually used as substitute for meat. Up until this day gluten remains to be an integral part of food, giving bread its shape, elasticity and texture. However, with the advancement of technology, gluten has expanded its application in more than one food group, leading to oversaturation into sauces, condements, oil’s, diary and much more. This poses quite a problem for those who have gluten sensitivity or even coeliac’s disease.

What is Gluten Free

Huh… Coeliac, what is a coeliac?

Coeliac disease if you’re not familiar, is a genetic disorder that keeps the stomach from synthesizing gluten. It often instigates an irregular autoimmune response upon the introduction of the element and this immediately results in the destruction of intestinal villi (the wall) and nutrient malabsorption. More thank often both of these experiences manifest into stomach pain, bloating, diarrhea and constipation. Coeliac disease also encourages the development of psoriasis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and hormonal imbalance, to name a few, and it also encourages poor body function, which can escalates to life-threatening illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes and heart failure.

A Gluten free diet was established by medical professionals to take away those who are vulnerable to gluten from that path of destruction and introduce them to a more revitalizing means of survival. However, nutritionists also endorsed them to keep those who are yet to be victimized from a similar fate and discovered that this diet was not just for those with intolerences or coeliac’s but could inprove the health of everyone. As I have experienced, a gluten free diet can significantly improve your quality of life, giving you with more energy and strength. It removes the trash in your system detoxifying, bringing you back to the basics and cultivating in you a greater appreciation for personalized, organic nutritional plans.

A gluten free diet will typically involve limitation of food options to gluten free ingredients such as rice, corn, millet, flax, soy, and tapioca. Going Gluten free also entails avoidance of processed rations, not to mention junk food, beer, bread, pasta and meat imitations.

This doesn’t sound so bad considering you’ll get to minimize the traumatic effects of coeliac disease as well as restore your vitality. And given that it’s so accessible, you won’t have to wait on a coeliac diagnosis to get things started.

I am among those who believe that good education is the foundation of fruitful action. So I think it is vital that you are oriented to the basics of gluten first. It is my fervent hope that this information has demonstrated to you the benefits of a gluten free regimen as well as educated you about what gluten is.

Going gluten free has been the best move that I have every made.  Want to know more about Gluten Free Check out more of my Gluten Free resources here.

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