Bloated tummy?  Here’s how I heal mine

Bloated tummy? Here’s how I heal mine

Since suffering server Leaky Gut a few years ago I went through some of the most challenging bloated tummy days I’ve ever seen.  Think looking 6 months pregnant, agonising cramps and pains, not to mentioned complete constipation one minute to diarrhoea the next.  Today I’m happy to say that the bloated tummy tantrum’s are few and far between and if I do get a bloated tummy it’s generally self inflicted – well let’s be honest it’s always self inflicted I mean the food doesn’t jump on in there on it’s own.  But I’m talking about times like after eating Indian that happens to have gluten in it.  (If you haven’t caught that, yep I’m 100% gluten free – have been for years.  Read about it here.)

You know the feeling when you’ve gone out for a nice planned dinner with friends but get home feeling like you’ve got a balloon in your stomach.  This use to happen to me daily and over the course of my healing journey I certainly learnt some amazing tricks to healing my bloated tummy – and naturally!


Today I haven’t had a bloated tummy in months!  (touch wood, I’m on a roll)

Bloated Tummy?  How I heal mine

– Tummy rolling:  lay on your back with your knees bent up with feet on the floor, this completely relaxes your tummy. Using your hand or a tennis ball rub your tummy in circular motions.  I like to use a ball and roll it over my tummy.  This can help move along any gas that may be built up or any tightness that’s causing cramping.

– Peppermint oil:  dot a couple of peppermint oil drops on your tummy and give it a soothing rub.  I find this effective with gas and also releasing any tension too.  Partner that with a tummy roll and you’re onto something.

– Tea time:  Tea can be amazing at getting healing spices down in the gut to nurture it when it’s yelling at you.  My favourite is fresh ginger and turmeric, however there are some amazing loose leaf digestive tea’s out there that can really help too.  #2 favourite is peppermint tea – even using fresh peppermint leaves, this is amazing before bed too.

– Fennel Seeds:  You can brew them in a pot with water to create tea and/or chew on raw fennel seeds or even the ones you used for tea.  I carry a small bag of fennel seeds when I travel.

– Sleep: Sleep it off, literally give your body rest and the attention to the gut that it needs even if it’s only for an hour or too.

– Hot water bottle:  This is if you have serious cramps going on, this can help sooth very well but not a favourite in summer that’s for sure.  Even a warm bath can help reduce the pain and cramps, it also eases muscle tension too.

– Walking:  Depending on how you feel I find walking when bloated can be so helpful at getting things moving.

– Enema:  Yep, you heard me.  Enema.  There has been times when I’ve been so clogged up from imbalanced gut (even eating a completely clean diet) that I’ve had to help things move along. Read my first ever enema story here.


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