Achieving weight loss is one of the most common results for those who give up the gluten and embark on a gluten free diet. A gluten free diet is proven to be effective for weight loss, with countless celebrities crediting it for their slim figures from Miley Cyrus to Stacey Kiebler, Nicole Richie, and Gwyneth Paltrow. And I know what your all thinking – how can the exclusion of something called “gluten” possibly equate to weight loss. Well, you’re lucky I love educating about why going gluten free really can change your life. Today, I’m going to give you a quick overview of what gluten is and explain how gluten can ammount to extra fat production and storage.

Why Gluten Could Be Making You Fat

Gluten is a kind of protein that can be extracted out of certain grains like wheat, rye and barley. It is used primarily to provide bread its shape, form and meat-like texture. And it has also found its way in numerous processed products as a binder. Breads, beers, meats, baked sweets, commercial pastas, sauces and condiments are just some of the foods you will find all contain gluten. I’m guessing by now that your thinking wow a lot of the foods I eat could contain gluten.

One of the ways gluten rich foods could be making you fat is that these foods I’ve just listed and more all usually go hand in hand with a lot of carbs. Don’t get me wrong, carbohydrates are not poisonous substances. In small amounts carbs are essential for the body as they supply us with glucose, glucose is fundamentally required for cell metabolism. However, it’s customary for people to eat more than their daily recommended share of this nutrient and that easily becomes stored fat thanks to a number of hormonal control systems, which eventually contributes to the problem.

Another way gluten could be making you fat is by disrupting endocrine and exocrine functions that help remove fat. This happens because a lot of the grains involved in our diet, especially wheat (gluten) have all been genetically modified to be easier to grow and process. This makes it difficult for normal metabolism to work. Studies have actually proven that it’s not the calories that’s causing obesity, rather, it’s the gluten in a non gluten free diet. We are then faced with the urgency and need to revamp our nutritional plans, improve our diet and introduce a gluten free diet.

The last way non gluten free foods can make you fat is by keeping you addicted to them. Yep that is right, wheat is said to contain a super drug that makes you crave more as you eat more. Trapping you in a destructive cycle of overconsumption. I’m sure you’ve all seen Supersize Me (if you haven’t, go do so) and heard studies on how a certain fast food chain’s products are causing worldwide obesity. Well, gluten is actually involved in that and it affects the production of endorphins (your happy hormones) in your body, making it extremely high (making you feel very satisfied) even though you’re basically eating junk food.

To sum everything up, Why Gluten Could Be Making You Fat:

1. Oversupplying your body with carbohydrates.

2. Disrupting “fat” regulating processes in your body.

3. Keeps you addicted.


Interesting stuff hey!
Well it can be shocking to hear but a gluten free diet can completely remove binge eating addiction, regulate your metabolism and fat distribution. Resulting in weight loss and a healthier, happier you.  Want to find out more about Gluten Free? Click the links below.

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