Health Issues Associated With Coeliac Disease

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Coeliac’s disease affects at least 1 in 100 Australia’s, however approximately 75% currently remain undiagnosed. Do the math on that and approximately 160,000 people in Australia alone have coeliac disease and don’t even know it.  Not to bad you might think, 1 in 100,  however across the Pacific 1 in 3 Americans and 8 out of 10 people suffer with Coeliac’s.

Coeliac’s Disease (Celiac – if your in America/Canada) is a digestive and autoimmune disorder that is precipitated by the presence of gluten in the body and resulting in the damage of the small intestinal lining. Subsequently it effects the nutrient absorption and immune system responses that your body would generally use to defend itself.  Therefor resulting in symptoms such as:

– bloating
– gas pain
– diarrhea
– mouth ulcers
– skin rashes
– fatigue
– muscle cramps
– joint pain
– seizures
– tingling sensation in the legs
– abnormal menstrual cycles

Health Issues Associated with Coeliac Disease

When consuming gluten foods and ingredients like breads, pasta, pizza, flour and more for prolonged periods of time this type of diet can lead to a number of concerning health issues.  Below is a list of 5 of the most common health issues associated with coeliac disease.

1. Osteoporosis: Common sense would dictate that this condition has something to do with poor calcium intake and retention. However I was not surprised when I discovered that it is associated with a metabolic problem like coeliac’s. Calcium is one nutrient that can be wasted away by the inflammation of the intestines and the result of this often leads to bone brittleness. Apart from that, coeliac’s disease also withholds minerals like boron, zinc and magnesium from the body, which affects the skeletal system’s framework and processes.  So ask yourself, do you feel ever feel under nourished? – if so it is more than likely that gluten could be causing this.

2. Infertility: This can be brought about by a number of specific conditions, from hormonal imbalance to endometriosis and low sperm count (yes, men are also gravely affected by a non gluten free diet in this respect). Much of it can be linked back to the lack of nutrient supply. However, some studies have also reported the lingering presence of gluten-specific antibodies (tTg) as the reason behind miscarriages and stillbirths. If your looking to conceive with your partner and wish to keep complications or challenges at a low it is advised that you will introduce a and adhere to gluten free health food choices to aid in your fertility.

3. Diabetes: Non gluten free fares are often riddled with carbohydrates so it’s easy to understand why it would adversely affect glucose controlling hormones in the body. But with the immunity flare ups it triggers, it’s also highly likely that Type 2 Diabetes is developed in those with coeliac’s disease by the mere stress put on the adrenal gland, which produces glucagon and insulin. Once it is burned up, it acts slower in response to increases in glucose levels and that results in unregulated blood glucose levels.

4. Thyroid Diseases: Whether it’s Hashimoto’s or Graves, non gluten free food is found to be responsible for the destruction of the thyroid gland along with the intestines. How so? It’s usually through mistaken identity. Those with coeliac have hyperactive immune responses that often mistake the molecular structure of the thyroid gland for that of its main target. Once this happens, the attack can go for as long as 6 months. People who have been affected often find themselves with a collection of symptoms that cross digestive barriers.

5. Depression: A Swedish research back in 1998 confirmed that 1/3 of those with coeliac’s disease have depression. Among the adolescents, 31% faced the risk of developing the condition. Non gluten free health food choices contribute to this reality by keeping the body from absorbing nutrients that prevents any declines in the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain, such as iron, vitamin B and zinc. Coeliac also inadvertently causes stress by promoting the production of cortisol, which wears out the physiological coping mechanisms of the body.

By introducing a Gluten Free Diet to your lifestyle you allow your body to absorbe nutrients as it was designed to do.  It can sometimes be hard to fathom that these types of health issues can all be related back to gluten/wheat. Living a gluten free lifestyle is not just for those diagnosed with Coeliac disease but it is ideal for everyone who want to live a life of optimum health and well being.  It’d be hard enough to live with coeliac’s disease yet alone suffering any number of these other health related issues.


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Have any questions, feel free to contact me or leave your comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

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