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Weekly Planning has to be one of the most important step’s when starting out on a new journey. It can seem very overwhelming at first and if you can plan some of your week out before it has even started it will assist you in having a clearer mindset while giving you more time to get other things done.  Without planning it is easy to procrastinate and say ‘I’ll do that in 30 minutes’, or ‘I’ll do that tomorrow’.  So don’t think your doing yourself any favours, you’re here to DO it, so I’ve put together this Healthy Eating Planning Guide to help you get it DOne.


Meal Planning

First things first – planning your meals.  Everyone is different and many people work different work weeks and hours so start on which ever day best suits you.  Every Sunday is Farmers Market grocer day for me, this is the day I get to plan what meals I will be eating during the upcoming week based on my work and social schedule.

> DO this, sit down over the weekend and write your upcoming weekly meals.  Please note that I don’t always completely plan my entire week, personally I plan every Lunch and Dinner as I am always home for breakfast and on weekends I go with the flow. So write down what works with you, but always start with minimum 5 workday dinners, Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs… and build up from there.  Here is an example:

Monday – Chia Pudding – Asian Style Veggie Stir-fry – Quinoa Risotto

Tuesday – Granola & Yoghurt – left over Quinoa Risotto – Fish with Mixed Veg

Wednesday – Green Juice – Chicken Salad – Omelette with Guacamole

Thursday – Granola & Yoghurt – Lunch Juice – Stir-fry Meat with Green Veg

Friday – Boiled eggs & Spinach – TGIF Work Luncheon – Dinner Out

Saturday – Frozen Fruit Bowl with Seeds – Carrot Pasta Salad – SOCIAL NIGHT

Sunday – Green Veg with Poached eggs – Family BBQ – Roast Meat and Veg

Snacks:  Spirulina Protein Balls, Pesto dip with Carrot & Celery sticks, Activated Nuts.


Planning your Shop

Great! You’ve completed step one of Meal Planning, now it’s time to plan your Shopping. With your Meal Planning list in front of you, start with Monday and go down over every meal and write down what ingredients you might not have and need to get.  Of course you will come across some ingredients that you use a few times during that one week – that’s great you’ll get to buy in bulk and hopefully SAVE!

Want to know what’s on my Shopping List – Click here to Read >



So you’ve come back from the store with all of your goodies ready to kick start your week with the meals you have planned… But you look at all the produce you’ve just put on the kitchen bench and think – I’m totally out of my league there is no way I can make that nourishing food, pack it all for work and eat it before I leave.  STOP – you can DO this!

Firstly – Lets clear your mind of those thoughts, you don’t need them and you don’t want them so let that go!

Ok glad we did that.  Now you know what your cooking this week, and you’ve got your ingredients, lets PREP.  Keeping in mind that your weekly work commitments and movements will be totally different than anyone else’s, so find what works well for you.  I like to dedicate 1-2 hours the day before my working week starts (this is also usually my meal planning day as well as my shopping day) to preparing food.

Prep snacks – usually the easiest to prepare for the upcoming week.  Cut up carrot and celery sticks.  Make Home made Pesto, Start the process of Activated nuts – soak in fridge.  Make Spirulina Protein Balls
>  Breakfasts – Make granola, Pre Boil Eggs
>  Juicing – Cut up Fruit & Veg and store in containers for each juice – or in one large container (I just go one large). This helps make the juicing process 100 times quicker.
>  Lunches – I like to make these the night before whilst I’m making that evening’s dinner, makes getting ready for work in the morning easier when you can just grab your pre made lunch and go.


Now go get Planning!

Don’t forget, I’m here to help make this process of change as easy as possible so if you get stuck – Join me online. Jump onto Facebook for your Daily Wellsome Dose of tips and tricks and stay up to date with my personal journey, let’s DO this together. Don’t forget here you can post your questions, share your comments or ideas with others!

I’d love to hear from you

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