This isn’t a complete list of MUST have’s, it is more an insight into what I find useful to have on hand for my Healthy Living Kitchen Tools for my cookery creations.  Also I am not exactly a fan of having a huge stash of kitchen equipment, I like to keep things simple and the more you use the more you have to clean – so let’s keep the dishes to a minimum.

Not all the recipes I use only require one instrument either, however there may be some tools and pieces that you may like to build up on one day and add to your kitchen library.

– Good Quality Big chopping knife.  Heavier the better, the lighter they are the more likely you are to cut yourself. (preferably ceramic)

– Good Quality Small knife

– Stick Blender  (A-MAZING for travelling)

– Medium sized Fry-pan with Lid

– Saucepan with double steamer

– Baking Dish – ceramic or glass are the best (round or square)

– Baking Tray

– Morsel & Pestle

– Juicer (Omni Blend)

– Blender (Omni Blend)– High powered if possible, yes they are expensive however if you are going to invest in anything it should be this.  A high powered blender can make butters, ice-creams, soups, dips, baby food and much more.  Standard blenders is fine, they just simply don’t have the speed to make smooth nut pastes and mousse’s for example.  I choose Omni Blend – They’re the best hands down!

– Slow Cooker  –  Be sure to get one with a timer on it.


What do you use and consider your Tools of Trade?  I’d love to hear form you, so please Join me online by jumping onto Facebook for your Daily Wellsome Dose of tips and tricks and stay up to date with my personal journey, let’s DO this together.

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