Get ready cause you’re in for some healthy skin swaps!

What have you used on your skin today?

Deodorant, face wash, body wash, toothpaste, perfume…

The average women wears over 500+ chemicals and toxins on their skin every day and men you don’t fall far behind. The first question I always have in regards to skin health is  

What you put on your skin helping with your health or hindering it?

What you may not know is that most skin, body and hair care ingredients actually enter the body through the skin within minutes and then within further minutes these can enter your blood system that is then pumped around your entire body.  Yep these ingredients can even show up in a blood or urine test. (cray cray)

When I say ingredients I’m referring to the harmful ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde’s all of which can lead to poor health or imbalances in the body. In many recent skin health events I’ve been running lately I’m constantly asked about what I use for natural toothpaste, natural deodorant, face care, shampoo etc. So here are my healthy skin swap insights.


My 5 Daily Healthy Skin Swaps for a Non-Toxic life

  1. Toothpaste – Choose Fluoride Free

Everyone brushes there teeth and generally twice per day. Most toothpastes are filled with dangers such as fluoride, propylene glycol, diethanolamine along with artificial flavours.  Now it’s not hard to make your own toothpaste at home (something I use to do – until I found a product I loved). First and foremost always choose a natural fluroide free toothpaste. I use Sense Natural (Fluoride Free) Teeth Whitening.

  1. Deodorant / Perfume

My first question is why do you wear deodorant?  Is it because of B-O?  Next question, where is that B-O coming from.  Clean body = clean smells.  But if you do wear deodorant or perfume be weary of their dangerous elements such as: aluminium compounds, silica, properleyne glycol just to mention a few.  I use a natural deodorant spray from Sukin before yoga that’s chemical free and also turn to lavender essential oil to keep me smelling rosie – great swap from perfume!

  1. Face / Hand / Body Wash – Go Paraben Free & Self Preserving

This is where it gets really interesting as these products contain lists and lists of hidden chemicals not to bore you however these are the most essential to avoid: parabens, synthetic colours, fragrance, phthalates, tricolsan, sodium laurel sulphate (SLS), sodium laureate sulphate (SLES), formaldehyde, toluene, propylene glycol.

I too use to make my own everything including shampoo and conditioner but the ants in the bathroom got ridiculous, I’ve since found a complete chemical, preservative and paraben free range that contains essential skin nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin E, aloe vera, clays, antioxiants and more – plus they don’t brake the bank, formulated by a US science based skin care company.

  1. Sunscreen – Use Mineral or Go Natural

Living in Australia using Sunscreen is something that is a household term but most don’t realise that almost all sunscreens on the market contain chemical filters. These products typically include a combination of two to six of these active ingredients: oxybenzone, avobenzoneoctisalateoctocrylenehomosalate and octinoxate. The healthiest sunscreen products contain: Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide.  Myself I generally don’t wear sunscreen unless in direct sun longer than 2-3 hours.  If so I choose to use Eco Tan Natural Sunscreen or WotNot Sunscreen.


I challenge you to write down everything over the day that you put on your body or what your hands come in contact with in terms of products. Think you’ll be rather surprised at how quickly this list can build up.


Will you try these easy healthy skin swaps?

Do you plan to make the switch to safer hair, skin and body care?

Want to learn more about the chemical free, paraben free and veg friendly skin care ranges I use and recommend? Let’s set up a Free Product Discovery Call cause what I use for my skin health may differ slightly for what you and your body needs – In this free call I’ll can guide you with what best suits you, your health goals and also to your budget too (plus you’ll get some bonus health coaching tips too).


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