So I hear you’re after healthy smoothie tips!  Making healthy smoothies can seem alot more confronting than it actually is. I’ll never forget the time I was gifted a high speed (expensive) blender, my first blender. Basically I had no idea how to use it or make smoothies. As kids we had a milkshake maker but a blender that just seemed like a completely different dimension. So it sat on my kitchen counter looking the piece until finally I had the courage to brake it in. That was 6 years ago and today I take for granted my making healthy smoothie tips and just how easy making smoothies can be.

Do you feel the same?

It’s the reason why I started our 7 Day Smoothie Reboot support group. If you haven’t joined us yet click here to join us free. We reboot regularly sharing recipe ideas, tips, live video’s and lots of support. Not to mention we don’t just do smoothies, we delve into desserts, salads, easy dinners, skin tips and lots more. Get even more healthy smoothie tips here.



My personal 11 Making Healthy Smoothie Tips

My personal healthy smoothie tips for making smoothies fun, easy and do-able no matter your lifestyle – even without a recipe.

As you know I don’t like “rules” when it comes to cooking/baking/making – I’m a freestyler. So take these tips and make them your own using your own unique style.


Let’s get started…

1. Start with liquid
The first ingredient to ALWAYS go into your blender is liquid. Water, milk, nut milk, coconut water or fresh juice for example. This always the blender blades to use the water to churn through your yummy ingredients.

2. Healthy Fats
Healthy fats are a great way to keep you feeling fuller longer and if you regularly get the munchies this is a great way to nip them in their tracks – add healthy fats! Or try a smoothie as a snack. Coconut or flaxseed oil, avocado, raw nuts/nut butter, chia seeds, flaxseeds or coconut meat are ideal healthy fats for smoothie recipes

3. Protein
It’s no surprise to mention protein when talking smoothies. Protein comes in many forms not just powder or chicken, like plants. Similar to healthy fats proteins can keep you feeling fuller for longer. When choosing a protein powder it’s important to choose one that’s a good quality protein, is Low GI and has an equal balance of protein, carbs and fats. Unless you’re an elite athlete requiring protein for muscle retention this can be a key to achieving your health goals. 

4. Spice it up
Spices are well known for flavour and their nutritional benefits – and I love to use them in smoothies. Experiment with them for taste or a flavour hit. I love cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, turmeric, vanilla bean, cayenne pepper, chilli.

5. Natural Sugars
Smoothies make a great meal on the go and it’s the natural sugars that you get in smoothies that provide you with the energy for your morning, afternoon or evening. Fruits such as; banana, pear, mango, apples or dates are fantastic to use.

6. If Smoothie is too Bitter
Depending on your pallet some green smoothie recipes in particular can make you a bit cross-eyed as it goes done. Not to worry, this isn’t a waste at all. Simply add some natural sweetener such as raw honey or coconut nectar. Alternatively add more fruit banana, pear, mango, apple or even dates. Simply put the smoothie back in your blender and re-mix.

7. Ditch ice – freeze fruits / liquids
I use to use ice, that was until the ah-ha moment of why don’t I try freezing this. Instead of ice try freezing coconut water, fresh juice, kefir and your fruits. Fruit freezing is one of my favourites and it also reduces your food wastage too. Try banana!

8. Make meal planning easy
Two heads is better than one, we already know that. Well guess what, two smoothies are better than one too, or even, three, four or five smoothies. If you’re planning out your meals for the week ahead and you know you like a regular smoothie save time and by making multiple smoothies at once. If you want different flavours perfect, start with the lighter colour smoothies, then mix in your colours and finish off with your dark colours. For me this is Cacao!

9. If Smoothie is too Thin
Simply add more fruit, frozen fruit is best, more ice or yoghurt. Whiz your blender back to high until it’s smooth and enjoy.

10. If Smoothie is too Thick
There is never a smoothie too thick in my mind, however if you’re blending and your blender is getting stuck you need more liquid for the blender blades to whirl through your smoothie ingredients. Add small amounts of liquid at a time and keep adding more as you need, rather than adding too much and it becoming too thin/runny.

11. Mix it up
Using a range of fruits and vegetables in your diet is essential and smoothies are no different. Use what’s in season, available locally and ingredients you love. Change up the colours and eat the rainbow. Try green on Monday, purple on Tuesday, Orange on Wednesday, Chocolate on Thursday, Yellow on Friday. Rotating your ingredients around will keep it fresh, fun and enjoyable.


Remember you’ve never ruined a smoothie! Stop, don’t through it out and ask yourself ‘what could I add to make this yummier for me?’ and think ‘is it liquid, is it fruit, is it flavour?’

Look forward to seeing your yummy smoothie photos here, and hearing your favourite healthy smoothie tips below. 


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