Health and Wellness Top Tips

Health and Wellness Top Tips

Holistic Health, WellsomeAug 14 20130 Commentsby Jema Lee

I quite often get asked what my Top Tips for living a happy, healthy and laughter filled life are.  This pretty much goes hand in hand with my personal beliefs. I don’t like rules I like lifestyle choices so the below Tips are some choices that I have made and implemented into my daily life to help me lead a life filled of Healthy Happiness.


Jema’s Health and Wellness Top Tips:

>  I believe in the choice of change, I don’t believe in Diets. Diets Die – one choice for change can last forever.

>  That when you start eating and cleansing your body, you will cleanse your mind, move with ease and live a life of wellness.

>  That the path to happiness isn’t about getting to the destination.  Happiness is the path.

>  If you can’t pronounce the ingredient it shouldn’t be going in or on your body.

>  It’s important to treat yourself!  Get a massage, go out with friends, do something you’ve always wanted to.

>  Life is Colourful, and your plate should be too!  Try to incorporate 3-5 different colour groups on your plate every meal, sorry but white does not count as a colour.

>  Surround yourself with inspiring and like minded people, negativity can only clutter and clog your energy and your ego.


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I am a fully certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach. I’ve studied practical wellness lifestyle coaching methods and I’ve been extensively trained in many different dietary theories.  I will connect your mind, body and spirit together to help you create your personalized path to Wellsome!


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