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HEY Hey!

So glad you’ve landed here and are joining me on this journey.  I’m Jema Lee, a Certified Health Coach, Entrepreneur, Foodie, Yogi, Hippie at Heart and I have a bug – the travel bug.

Wellsome was create to share as much information to help educate and inspire you to feeling your best, healthiest and happiest.  My site will have many free resources to help you get kick started on your journey.  I’m a big believer that a healthy you comes from the inside – out.  It shouldn’t be difficult, challenging or stressful, rather fun and easy!



– There is no specific best way of eating.  We all have different bodies, with different DNA and different cellular make ups.  That’s what makes us all so unique and individual. For me I live Gluten Free and 95% Dairy Free. One person’s food is another person’s poison. I’ll teach you how to figure out which way is best for you, with the underlying concepts that make every human body thrive.

– What works for me: think ‘eat a rainbow’, fill your belly with plants such as veggies, fruits, beans, seeds & soaked nuts with some occasional animal meat

– Eat real foods! Eat like your grandmother use to, real and from the ground.

– Choose organic whenever possible

– If you can’t read an ingredient your body most likely won’t be able to either

– No white foods. They’re usually filled with sugars and many other nasty’s

– Sugar:  shouldn’t be sinful, yet should always be real!  Eat low sugars, use natural sweeteners and always choose unprocessed.

– Fat:  fat is your friend.  And surprisingly you need fat to loose fat (often a misconception)

– I eat meat, however when I do it’s organic, local and non-processed.  Fish is my favourite and similar to meat must be organic, mercury free and from ethical & sustainable farming methods

– Treat yourself!  When you do they should still be made with wholesome ingredients (high-fructose corn syrup & food coloring are not treats; they’re poison)

– Focus on getting enough protein (yep protein is not just meat, think quinoa, seeds, etc.)

– Limit your carbs to natural carbs that are Low GI. Like fat carbs are essential

– Love your Liver!  Limit toxins and chemicals when and where you can.  Your liver is your most important organ you have it for life so nourish it and stay cleansed.

– H2O:  some of our largest toxin/chemical intakes come from water, and seeming our bodies need water to conduct every bio-chemical reaction and to thrive I drink Reverse Osmosis Water.

– Live a 80/20 lifestyle; 80% healthy-as-possible, 20% non obsession – (food shouldn’t be a jail, embrace and enjoy even if they don’t have organic quinoa kale and roast veg salad.


Ready to get started?


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