Introducing Rose Rees:

Rosie Rees is a Relationship Coach, love, sexuality and self-development blogger, e-book publisher, Yoga Instructor and self-pleasure advocate! Rosie coaches men and women, individuals and couples, young and old, who want to improve their relationship, communication channels, intimacy and alignment together. She takes an individual holistic approach when coaching her clients by incorporating yoga, meditation and breathing techniques into her sessions to help them gain a clear intention of what they want to get out of their relationship, themselves and their life.

Interview with Rosie Rees


Describe a typical Day in the life of Rosie;

At the moment I am balancing working in a corporate job and managing my business simultaneously. Typically I wake up about 6am, do some yoga or go for a run, brew some coffee or have some lemon in hot water, quick shower, mascara, bronzer, tame the hair, out the door by 7am, power-walk to work, sitting at my desk by 7.45am with my bowl of bircher muesli. Throughout the day I am out in meetings, interviewing candidates, career-counselling, prepping people for external interviews, business development, advertising, marketing etc. I leave work at 6pm, walk/run home, take personal phone calls then I either:

a)     Cook a healthy dinner (check out Rosie’s delightful cuisine pics on Instagram – @_rosierees) or make Green Smoothie

b)     Teach a Yoga Class at Turf Studios

c)     Write a blog post

d)     Interview experts in the field of Sexology, Relationships, Women’s empowerment etc.

e)      Coach clients on Skype

f)      Sleep!


What’s so sexy about helping others with their relationships and intimacy?

I have always been the go-to girl for relationship advice to all my friends, whether it be a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, an open mind, some constructive criticism, a dose of girl-power, a bucket of ice cold water in the face, or an objective point of view. It wasn’t until I was going through a relationship breakdown until I actually had to put all my advice, words of wisdom, and life experience into action. After going through the break-up from hell (read all about it here), I ended up coming out on top, and changing my entire life path. This circumstance felt like my calling to take informal Relationship Coaching with friends, to a more serious level so I started by undertaking a coaching course in Marriage/Divorce counseling and Strategic Intervention AKA mediation. At the same time, I also went to India to do my Yoga Teacher Training in Mysore; a healing self-discovery adventure! I like to incorporate the yogic, meditation and breathing techniques I learnt in India to assist clients in becoming clear, centred, grounded and aligned with them self and to gain a nonjudgmental perspective with their partner. I love hearing it when my clients have improved their relationship, communication channels, intimacy and overall dynamic of their partnership!


What mantras do you aspire to live by?

I have a strong belief in trusting your intuition and letting your higher self/your divine, guide you. I also believe that the most important person to listen to is yourself; I often have in-depth counselling sessions with myself (mentally and out loud!) to tap into where I am at NOW and how I feel NOW. The more I mature, the less I feel the need to go and tell everyone else about my problems and seeking solutions in other’s opinions. I believe that we have the answers within us; it’s all about becoming aware, conscious and remembering (rather than learning). In times of pain or stress or anxiety, it’s to look at yourself as a mother and how she would treat her child, then imagine yourself as a young version of yourself who needs to be loved, looked after, taken care of, nurtured and played with.

I also believe that it’s important not to compare yourself to others. A little bit of bench marking and competition is healthy, however scrutinizing yourself against others can be deadly and make you feel insecure and undervalued. You are where you are for a reason, enjoy where you are at NOW and enjoy the journey.


What goal’s and aspirations do you hold for the future?

My main aim to become a qualified sexologist by doing my Masters in the next few years. I want to help couples repair their marriage, intimacy and relationships troubles, publish articles in the likes of Cosmo and CLEO, have a relationships column,  and hold fun workshops on sexuality and relationships! There are a few other things in the pipeline, like yoga retreats, Healthy Hens Nights, and more e-books to come!

Love Rosie x

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