Period Talk: Is My Flow & Colour Normal?

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When you were taught about your period, you were probably told that some people have heavy or light periods. You might have been told that the colour can change. But what you weren’t taught was what a healthy flow and colour looks like, and actually is.

Two of the questions I hear most often is ‘what is a normal colour?’ and ‘how can I tell is my period is too heavy/light?’ So I thought it was time to address on this uneducated topic, and give you the period talk that you should have received back pre menstruation age, either school or from a women in your life.

What is a healthy flow?

The Goal of a Healthy Period Flow is…

Actually, the goal of everything in the human body is flow. When you lose flow in one or more body system, dis-ease and imbalance can begin.

But the loss of flow is more physically obvious when it comes to your period blood. Some women lose their flow altogether with amenorrhoea, or complete absence of a period – no bleeding at all. Others might experience an incredibly light flow that is barely more than spotting. Clots of blood are another sign of stagnant blood.

This doesn’t mean that way too much blood is normal! Like the ocean, our cycles can have high tides and low tides. But if your flow is closer to a tsunami that soaks through a pad every hour, that is a sign of imbalance somewhere in your body.

Flow and Colour

If you cut your finger, and the blood came out dark, you’d think that something isn’t quite right. Blood that comes out of your blood vessels is bright red and rich!

The same goes for your period blood. But unfortunately, many women never get a good idea of the colour of their blood as it comes out.

When you use something like a tampon, the blood will dry long before you remove it. So unless there is fresh blood on it, you’re not 100% sure what it was coming out.

Don’t get me wrong – tampons are great for swimming, whilst on holiday, or socialising at a party. But it’s like putting a plug into your sink and expecting it to flow until empty. Dahhhh!

Some variation is fine!
You’re not a robot and neither is your period.

If your colour is a little different this month, or your flow changes from heavy to light or vice versa, don’t panic! A little bit of variation is fine. Our bodies can react to any change in our environment, from a change in stress levels, movement event to a different dietary approach.


What to do if your Flow or Colour is a little off:

It’s not time to hit panic stations just yet. Take a long deep breathe, if you feel like your flow or colour is not normal, these are the steps I suggest starting with.

1. Unplug the sink and allow flow

Warning – don’t be shocked however when my clients are first learning about their cycle, I encourage them to use pads for at least a couple of cycles to get to know their flow. This gives them a good idea of what the true colour of their blood is when it comes out, as well as how often they actually are bleeding. Like a tap sink that’s leaking or dripping if you put a plug over the tap you wouldn’t know but when you release the tap you can discover more about the taps behaviour.


2. Bring flow into the rest of your life

We’ve been talking about flow in terms of your period blood. But flow is also something that can be brought into every part of your everyday life!

So many women are living rigid and structured lives, doing the same thing every day – day in, day out. Our bodies are not designed to eat the same food, sleep the same amount of hours and do the same type of movement all month long!

Tuning into what feels good for your body, instead of telling it what should make it feel good is where imbalance and frustration can begin. Your body knows what it needs, you just need to listen.


3. Connect with your body

Your body isn’t changing your colour or flow for shits and giggles, or to piss you off. It’s communicating with you, trying to tell you something and it’s your job to figure out that message.

Have a think to yourself – why is your blood flow and colour like this? Is it a new pattern? Can you identify what changed in your life when the new pattern started?

If it has been going on for a long time – when did it start? What was happening in your life around that time? If there have been cycles where it was “normal”, what was different at that time compared to now?

Everything you see as a “challenge” that your body puts you through is in fact a sign for you. From your food cravings, to your period and even down to your shit , it is all a sign – period.


4. Track your cycle

If everything is a sign, you need to understand what your ‘normal’ is. We all experience a variety of cycle signs throughout the 28 days or so of our full menstrual cycle so how do we become aware of the signs.

I encourage cycle tracking. Now let me give you a secret, cycle tracker apps are good – BUT as human’s and women the most effective way at discovering your cycle is by tracking by hand. Like a journal, without the lengthy journal articles.

Your blood colour and flow are just two of the many signs we receive from our bodies. If there are changes or abnormalities in those, there’s a good chance there may be in others. By recognising these signs and the changes that have occurred, it’s easier to understand the messages from our body.


Ready to jump into tracking your cycle and discovering your blood colour and flow?

Here’s just what you need to unlock the messages behind your cycle signs & start your cycle tracking journey. Get my FREE Cycle Trackers (yep there is more than one) and Video Email Series here or below – click the button.

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