Jamu, The Indonesian ‘Love’ Juice

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During my recent getaway to Bali, Indonesia I fell in love with a tradition Indonesian Juice called Jamu.  Bright orange in colour this traditional Indonesian Medicine Wonder Juice is made from many herbs, Termeric being the stand out.

Turmeric is one of the most powerful healing herbs and in Chinese herbal medicine it is known as a natural liver detoxifier, a kidney cleanser, aids in metabolism speed as well as weight management.  It is also great for bones and joints as it has anti-inflammatory properties, is a known natural cancer fighter preventing metastases from occurring in many different forms of cancer… and turmeric can also aid in healing and alleviation of conditions such as depression, arthritis, damaged skin and more.  So yes Turmeric is AWESOME!

Back to the JAMU… I was first introduced to Jamu halfway into my holiday whilst staying with friends who live in a Canngu. Here everyday a local gendong makes the rounds around the Canngu neighbourhood selling his families local home brewed Jamu, as well as many other natural juicy herbal remedies.

Now anyone who knows me knows that if I come across something healthy that looks or sounds strange my ears perk up like a dog and I’m right in there being a DO’er giving it a go.  For me Jamu was a no brainer and after the wrap’s I’d heard about it from my friend I simply had to try it, which of course lead me to buying some.   My word though was it a WINNER – so much so everywhere I went for the rest of my holiday I was on the Jamu hunt.

 Jamu, The Indonesian ‘Love’ Juice
This is the local Balinese gendong, who I purchased my first Jamu from in Canngu!  … and yes I may have purchased those other two bottles of magic potion too.  

Indonesian’s have been making Jamu for over 5000 years and there are approximately 300 or more blends of Jamu today. Taken regularly Jamu is said by local Indonesians to keep health worries away.  Each Jamu blend is made from a traditional family recipe handed down through generation to generation, with all 100% natural and unprocessed ingredients used.

Some of the benefits of drinking Jamu include:

Blood cleaner, health tonic and is said to aid in slimming. Excellent source of enzymes and curcumin. Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, antiseptic, assists in reducing cholesterol… the list goes on and on. Jamu can be drunk as often, and as much as you like because unlike western medicine, Jamu is completely safe and it’s near impossible to overdose on.  For general health and well being a single glass serve a day is sufficient.

DIY Jamu at home:

This is a Raw Traditional Recipe of Jamu Kunyit Asem
Makes approximately 4 serves:

200grams  Turmeric
100grams  Tamarind
100grams  Raw Sugar
50grams  Palm Sugar
20grams  Lesser Galangal (Ginger)
1 Litre  Spring Water


Grate Turmeric, Tamarind & Ginger roots together (alternatively you can dice).  Blend them together with the spring water. Add sugars.  Strain & press through fine sieve. Refrigerate in a mason jar up to one week. Traditionally Jamu is simmered over a low heat for around 10 minutes to aid in preserving it longer – however this step is up to you.

the sugar listed about is the traditional quantities and are generally added in for taste.  If you are after a healthier version and your not scared of the taste I would leave the Sugar out and use Raw Honey or Coconut Necter at the end of the making process adding for taste only.

+ LEMON: if you don’t mind a bitter taste, feel free to squeeze in some lemon.

As the Balinese say, ‘a glass a day will heal all of your health issues’.

Be sure to give this recipe a GO and ENJOY!!  I’d love to hear what your thoughts of Jamu are, maybe you’ve tried it yourself in Bali – share your comments with me below.

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