Why Supplement, Gluten Free Diet

It’s a scary thought but today our foods have been largely compromised.  An even scarier thought is that most people don’t even know this has and is happening to our foods. We all know we ‘should‘ get our average servings of fruits and vegetables daily, but who actually does?

Eat a rainbow I’m always sharing with my clients, by eating as many colourful food variety’s as we can.  However today many people don’t eat as many coloured fruits and nourishing veggies as we once did.  So why is this so important?  Our bodies thrive when nourished optimally through good nutrition and a well balanced diet.

First and foremost eating clean, fresh and organic as possible is most important however in our growing fast paced lives our food is grown faster and quicker therefore resulting in being largely compromised on many nutrient levels.

How does this effect the Gluten Free Diet?

When living gluten free many do so because of the large amount of health benefits, but often more than not living with a gluten free diet is due to some damage that may have been caused by consuming gluten in the past.  Whether we are healing a damaged gut, healing our villi stomach walls or even healing a general cold ensuring our body is intaking it’s essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is a must.

When doing an healing in any case it’s important that we replenish our cells to aid and assist in the regeneration and healing phase.

Supplementation once was seen as a luxury however today I see it as a necessity. Especially when on a healing journey.

When it comes to taking supplements many people haven’t any idea on where to start.  And if this is you. you are not alone.  Depending on your personal health journey your recommendations may vary slightly however these are the Top 3 Essential Supplements I’d recommend adding to your daily diet to ensure you’re getting your health to its most optimal level.

1. Multi Mineral and Antioxidant.  Or more commonly know as a MultiVitamin

2. Omega 3 Fatty Acids

3. Calcium/Magnesium

Want to know more:  3 Essential Gluten Free Vitamins I take everyday

When it comes to choosing a supplement brand to trust and ensure you is going to work be sure to find a brand for you that has the following features:
– High Potency (so you can be assured your getting the most optimal levels)
– Money back Guarantee (this makes taking supplements No Risk)
– Pharmaceutical Grade (there is a difference between a food standard and a pharmaceutical standard, I only trust pharmaceutical standards as what they say is in the product actually is, in the product)


Click below to see which GF vitamins and supplements I use and recommend to my clients:

> Multivitmain Essentials – Multimineral & Antioxidant
> BioMega Omega-3’s
> Active Calcium with Magnesium

In the meantime though if you want to know more contact me here. Let’s love living gluten free from the inside out.

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