Male Fertility, Sperm Health & Male Birth Control with Maddie Miles : Episode 149

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What about male fertility? Over the last decade we’ve become more and more away of female contraception and fertility options – YAY for fast forwarding this. However there’s yet to be many discussions about males fertility. Have you noticed this too?

In this episode I’m joined by fellow period loving, menstrual deep diving beauty, Maddie Miles. Together we explore the often to miss conversation about a males role in contraception, sperm health and birth control. I mean is there a males birth control pill? Well you’ll have to wait and find out.



Meet Our Podcast Guest:

[Cycle Day 4 – Inner Winter]

Maddie is the founder of Peace. Love. Hormones. whose mission is to end period stigma and to uplift and empower menstruators to take back control of their menstrual health through education and top quality functional supplements. She created an all natural herbal supplement to nurture hormone imbalances and to prevent pms!

Male Fertility, Sperm Health & Male Birth Control with Maddie Miles _ Episode 149
In this episode we chat about:
      • Do males have a Cycle?
      • Male cycles vs. female cycles
      • Different cycles of the body
      • Males contraception responsibility
      • Reproduction for males vs females
      • Red and White Moon Cycles
      • How important is sperm health?
      • Male birth control work

Connect with our Guest: 

Instagram: @themaddiemiles Website:


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Get connected, listen to your body and remember; body confidence all begins with living in tune with your menstrual cycle.

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