Matrescence and Becoming a Mother with Nikki McCahon: Episode 251

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Matrescence: the process of becoming a mother

Some people say that all women are born with a maternal instinct, but when do we tap into that? Becoming a mother, also known as Matrescence, is the physical, psychological and emotional changes you go through after the birth of your child. Matrescence educator Nikki McCahon is here to share with me how to navigate these unexpected and challenging changes.

During this wonderful conversation with Nikki, she shares how she became a matrescence educator, how matrescence relates to adolescence, what changes can come with becoming a mother, why widespread knowledge on matrescence could decrease post-natal depression, the impacts of terminations and birth trauma on a woman’s matrescence, her recommendations for women preparing for motherhood, how men can best prepare for fatherhood, and so much more.

Meet Our Podcast Guest:

Nikki McCahon is a matrescence educator, women’s life cycle guide, podcast host and mother.

As a matrescence educator and guide, Nikki helps mothers navigate the often unexpected changes and challenges of becoming and being a mother, whilst simultaneously supporting mothers to explore the opportunities that mothering can provide for their own personal growth and expansion.

Her model – the seasons of matrescence – applies a seasonal and cyclical lens to matrescence, providing a map for mothers to use when navigating times of change and transition and support to explore their matrescence journey within the context of their broader life cycle and rites of passage.

Nikki is passionate about creating community and normalising the physical, psychological, and emotional changes women go through during matrescence. In 2017 Nikki founded Australia’s largest meet-up community for mums, which grew to 40,000 members in three years, before it was acquired by a national not for profit, the centre of perinatal excellence (COPE) in 2020.

Her work now focuses on providing matrescence guidance and education to mothers through her podcast and online programs, and supporting those who work with mothers to integrate matrescence education, guidance and support into their practice through her Seasons of Matrescence teacher training program.

Matrescence and Becoming a Mother with Nikki McCahon_ Episode 251
In this episode we chat about:

      • How Nikki became a matrescence educator (04:15)
      • What is matrescence? (11:28)
      • How we can be prepared for matrescence (17:33)
      • The factors that contribute to postnatal depression (25:14)
      • Nikki’s advice for transitioning to fatherhood (38:08)
      • Matrescence resources Nikki recommends (43:40)


Connect with our Guest: 

Instagram: @nikkimccahon and @seasonsofmatrescence
Podcast: nikkimccahon
Waitlist: Seasons of Matrescence
Quiz: Seasons of Matrescence website and quiz



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