Hey, I’m Jema

I’m a menstrual cycle expert, qualified Ayurvedic coach and the creator of Wellsome. For 13 years, I’ve helped guide women in over 22 countries to embrace their monthly cycles and deepen body awareness through personalised coaching, online courses, retreats & workshops.

Spoiler Alter: Your Menstrual Cycle is WAY more powerful than you realize!

How I came became a sort after menstrual cycle coach

I’ve trained with leading experts in women’s health, Ayurveda, ancestral health, the energetic body, coaching and personal development. I’ve facilitated intimate retreats and workshops, spoken at conferences, schools and corporate events across the world.

You’ll mostly find me hanging out inside my signature membership program portal, The Well Woman Academy where I teach, coach, support and mentor women from all over the world on how to reconnect with their bodies.


Like all journey’s it’s not been smooth sailing, there’s certainly been some pot holes and red flags along the way. From irregular cycles, cysts, acne and forcing myself to exercise when all my body craved was nurturing.

Thankfully I discovered an ancestral way of women’s wisdom, Ayurveda and how I’d been living in tune with the males 24 hour body clock – which simply put does not work for the female body. It’s listening to your body, connecting and honouring how you feel throughout your cycle that can dramatically transform your life within weeks. Your Period is your monthly health update, and your cycle is a feedback cycle.

Fun Facts about me –

  – I’m a highly active Ayurvedic Vata type – Vata body, Vata digestion, Vata mind who dabbles with Kapha during pre-menstruation and Pitta during ovulation.

  – If I’m not recording a new podcast episode, working with a client or teaching a class you’ll find me dirt deep in my veggie garden connecting with nature.

  – I love flexibility, freedom and flow. It’s why I’ve been self-employed for the past 15 years. Yep I’m a true creative, inventive and innovative action taker.

  – In a past world I use to be a swimwear fashion designer, followed by a professional photographer, nutritional food science formulator… all before I threw myself into becoming a coach in 2013.

  – Growing up near the ocean I’ve become a natural mermaid at heart. I thrive in nature, sunshine and with fresh air brushing over my body. There’s something freeing and ever so feminine about bodies of water and the ocean lights my heart on fire.

  – I dreaded going through puberty, getting my period and boobs – I use to tape them up so my brothers didn’t tease me. Today daily breast massage is a favourite self care practice and I count down the days till my next bleed.

  – My favourite cycle days are day 6 as I burst into my Inner Spring and 15. There’s something about the post ovulation glow. Days 22-27 that’s another story.

  – My family describe me as; the crazy ass dance queen, who positively lights up a room. She’s powerful, gentle, strong a complete weirdo and unapologetic about her food boundaries.

Inspired by my journey with PCOS and recent pregnancy termination journey, and  quest to discover what works best for the female body, my teachings guide you to tap into your own innate inner wisdom to uncover what works best for you.

I know, you’re probably wondering ‘How-on-earth-do-I-do-that-Jema?!’.

The short version? By reconnecting with your body, and learning about the fundamentals of your menstrual cycle—hint, it’s so much more than just your period.

Trust me; once you understand what’s going on physiologically, nutritionally, emotionally and spiritually, you’ll feel empowered by your newfound body awareness.

My coaching style is down-to-earth, real (sometimes sandy feet with salty beach hair) and without the fluff. My teachings are analogy-filled, helping to make the complicated stuff practical, easy and fun!

I’ve unboxed the (often) misunderstood menstrual cycle (hormones, health, body, weight, cravings, moods) and spread it out across a juicy feast of courses and resources that will amplify your daily health, body awareness and vitality.

My training in Women’s Health, Nutrition, Natural Contraception & Natural Fertility, Ayurveda, Ancestral Health, Wellness Coaching, Ayurvedic Psychology and Spirituality, allow me to draw on the tools you need to deepen your presence and level of self-awareness.


If you’d love to live more abundantly with a greater connection to yourself, I created these life-changing resources for you!

Ready to begin your Cycle Journey?

Start with my favourite go-to cycle resources;

Free #LoveYourCycle Download, Printables and How-To Video’s.


Tune into the Well Woman Podcast Episode for hours of supportive cycle. 


Discover your cycle in less than a week with my mini 5-Day #LoveYourCycle Course.


My Bio-

Jema Lee is a renowned period coach, menstrual cycle educator and speaker. For the past decade Jema’s been teaching women from all over the world her life changing menstrual cycle secrets and just how a women’s period is way more powerful than she realises.

She believes that menstrual cycle education and body awareness for women of all ages is the missing element of woman’s health vitality, confidence and empowerment. Through Jema’s self paced full immersion (fun-filled) online courses, workshops and retreats she unboxes the (often) misunderstood menstrual cycle, so women can finally understand how their body actually works and begin to feel in control of their life. Her signature program, Well Woman Academy has guided women from over 22 countries.

Known as the down-to-earth, raw and authentic teacher who makes ‘periods fun!’ Her teachings are analogy-filled, helping to make the complicated stuff practical, easy and memorable! Located in Australia, Jema’s a day time mermaid, a full time human who spends her days coaching, dancing and creating. Download Jema’s free #LoveYourCycle Guide and say g’day on Instagram.