Menstrual Cycle Coaching


Have a deep love, desire and passion for women’s health? Geek out on all things periods, contraception, ovulation and cycle tracking?

Fancy guiding women with their Menstrual Cycle? 

Well, this is the certification course for you.

Menstrual Cycle Coaching Certification Course ~


Hey Darling!

So you love all things periods, cyclical living, contraception and helping women, hey?! Um, aw-e-some!!

Ready to take that passion to the next level?

Perhaps you’re just starting out, expanding your current coaching business or wanting to add cyclical awareness to your PT, Yoga or Pilates business?

Yes! Well, You’re in the right spot!

Back in 2014 I was diagnosed with PCOS, which might I add seems like a lifetime ago now.

I was already working as a coach in the nutrition/health industry with close to a decade behind me already of working in the health world but I hadn’t once been taught anything in any of my courses about the importance of the menstrual cycle, let alone how it actually worked.

At the time I’d just come off the contraceptive pill after 12 years. (I share the full story here) 
My body was all over the place, I hadn’t had a bleed in over 7 months. It felt like I no idea who I was let alone what was going on with my cycle.

I felt lost in my own body and completely confused as to why I had not learnt anything about my menstrual cycle so far, in any of my studies?

I had been menstruating for 13 years already and I knew nothing about my menstrual cycle – literally nothing.
(can you relate to this?)

There I was, 28 years old and I didn’t even know my own body.

In this very moment I knew I didn’t want other teens, tweens or women of any age to ever feel or experience the same, so I set out on a path to teach, educate and coach women in better understanding and connecting with their menstrual cycles.

I became a menstrual cycle coach.

Would you love to do the same?

Challenge was, at the time to be able to do this there was no one course or certification that could enroling too that was going to teach me how to truly guide and support women in this way.

So I spent the following 4-5 years studying many different courses and certifications which has since created the Well Woman method of teaching on menstrual cycles.

I share more on my business journey here in Episode 62 of the Well Woman Podcast, ‘Behind The Business’. 

Menstrual Cycle Coaching Certification, Jema Lee Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada
Menstrual Cycle Coaching Certification, Jema Lee Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada
Menstrual Cycle Coaching Certification, Jema Lee Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada

Menstrual Cycle Coaching today

Fast forward to today, 7 years on and we’re living in an awakening world for women. This is a pivotal point in time where women globally are yearning to become more connected with their bodies. However, there’s still a lack of courses to support others in studying to become Menstrual Cycle Coaches themselves.

This is why I’m birthing this into the world for you.

We need more menstrual cycle coaches to help raise and guide women globally into their natural cyclical nature.

I can’t support everyone, I can’t teach all women and I certainly can’t coach them all one on one, but what I can do is teach many more women how to teach, support and coach others to vibrant cyclical lives.


Menstrual Cycle Coaching Certification Course


6 month training in 3 semesters:

Women living in alignment with their menstrual cycles as cyclical women, how nature intended will not only transform individuals, but more importantly the global feminine collective.” – Jema Lee

A course that includes;

– 6 month cyclical study and growth container

– Intimate group of women approximately 30 women

– Self paced guided study

– Live Group Study Zoom calls

– Live Group Coaching Zoom calls

– Guest teachers on Nutrition, Astrology, Energy and more.

– Practical exercises

– Coaching principles and coaching opportunities

– Business teachings and workshops to help you succeed

– Private Facebook Group

 plus so much more!

Menstrual Cycle Coaching Certification, Jema Lee Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada
Menstrual Cycle Coaching Certification, Jema Lee Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada

Becoming a Menstrual Cycle Coach enables you too; 

– teach and educate on the menstrual cycle

– track a menstrual cycle correctly and be able to provide feedback to coaching clients effectively

– equips you to fully support and guide clients through the coaching process with Wellness Coaching principles

– use and apply the Well Woman philosophies of health including nutritional, physical and emotional

– support and guide menstruators in how to transition through each cycle and transitional points of their cyclical lives

– engage and support tweens and teens through puberty

– apply nutritional and physical supportive practices to

– launch and grow a successful menstrual education business

Learn more about Jema and her 15+ years in the health industry here. 


“Jema’s a coach that encompasses it all. Her teachings blow me away every time including nutritional, physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic elements. I always feel abundantly supported and as if she knows exactly what I need next in my journey.”

– Tara Louise Bailey

Are you a future Menstrual Cycle Leader?

This certification course is for women who;

– Drive, thought leaders and want to create a cyclical ripple effect

– Are passionate about health and supporting other women to achieve optimal health

– Craving a deeper self awareness of menstrual cycles to apply into their current work, business or career vision

– Love working with tween and teens around puberty and supporting them through this process

– Have an experience or developed business already that they’d love to apply Menstrual cycle coaching too

– You love guiding, supporting and teaching

– Have been on or are going through a cyclical journey themselves 

– Ready for a rebirthing growth and transformation




Menstrual Cycle Coaching Certification, Jema Lee Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada

Cyclical Course is Full for 2021,

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Not sure if learning from Jema is for you? Read more praise from those who’ve worked with her here.


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“I have been LOVING the Bhakti Biz Bootcamp course so much! It has been bloody awesome learning the world of business. For over a year now, I’ve wanted to branch off from mainstream teaching into something that allows me a good work/life balance but couldn’t work out what that looked like. Since working with you, you have helped me to narrow down exactly what it is I want to offer the world, and for this, I am eternally grateful.”

– Aleesha Darr, Australia

”I have continually had a-ha moments and realisations throughout this course. I have grown so much as a person as well as starting to grow my business and align with my purpose and finally feel like I know what i have to do!!! I have my plan, I’m buzzing getting things sorted and ticking off my list and feel as though I’m in alignment with my cycle and purpose.”

– Jaime Hardman, Australia

”This course has changed the way I look at my business. I didn’t have a clear plan before, now I have a strong vision for my business and will bring this to life in everything I do with my business. I will stand by my public promise and will share this throughout my content. I now understand more about my money blocks which have really held me back in the past. Thank you so much Jema for creating this course xx I wish I had found this sooner!!!!”

– Kiara Johnson, Australia