Menstruating on Day 1 of your holiday can kind of feel like a curse. Well it use to for me at least. Back when I was on the pill I use to skip my period on holidays simply because I just didn’t want to deal with it.  (can you relate?)

WOW, how the times have changed though.

The last 2 international holidays I’ve had, Indonesia in May and the USA just this past month have both had me getting my period on Day 1 of my holidays yep that happened on both trips.

Now many women would call that a curse.
Myself… I call it divine timing.

BUT, this last period while flying long haul to Los Angeles had a mind of it’s own. So much so I felt compelled to share my vulnerable experience with you.

Along with my insights on how I manage mensuration while on holidays and still enjoying my holiday.

NO it’s not impossible, it just takes a few things to make it possible.
(of course I share these in this episode)


In this episode you’ll learn:

    • How I manage menstruation while traveling
    • My top 4 tips to staying nourished
    • How to prepare for menstruation on a holiday
    • My most recent period experience
    • Transitional periods and cycle shifts
    • Connecting with your body and how she always knows best
    • My go to mantra to not wigging out when my cycle is shifting



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Until next time beautiful!
Get connected, listen to your body and remember body confidence all begins with living in tune with your menstrual cycle.

Jema Lee Womens Health and Nutritional Coach

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