Mineral Testing, The Pill & 21st Century Contraception with Amanda Montalvo : Episode 134

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If you’re anything like me hitting puberty and hit puberty in the late 90’s through to the early 2000’s… you were recommended the contraceptive pill. Fast forward 20 years and contraceptive choices have widely changed, evolved and today there is way more information at my finger tips in less than 10 seconds than there was every available in 10 days. This time frame has allowed us to gain more knowledge and understanding of hormonal contraception which enables us to make clearer and more informed contraceptive decisions.

But if you are or were like and choose a hormonal contraceptive option like the pill you need to hear this. The pill depletes us nutritionally and it’s important to know how. To bring you this topic and conversation I’m joined in this episode by women’s health dietician Amanda Montalvo. Tune in with us as we discuss the most common deficiencies, how to use mineral testing and how you can support yourself while on hormonal contraception. 

Meet Our Podcast Guest:

[Cycle Day 13 – Inner Summer]

Amanda Montalvo is a women’s health dietitian that helps women get to the root cause of hormone imbalances and have healthy menstrual cycles. Amanda started off her education in nutrition with the traditional route, but after dealing with her own health problems after getting off hormonal birth control she quickly realized the value of functional medicine. After healing her acne, balancing her hormones, and learning the value of her menstrual cycle, Amanda found her purpose—to help women create a body in balance and not settle for anything less.

Ep 134 Mineral testing, the pill and contraception - Amanda Montalvo
In this episode we chat about:
      • What is hair mineral testing?
      • Hair mineral testing vs blood testing
      • What hair testing can teach us
      • Where to get a hair mineral test
      • How the pill depletes the body
      • The importance of magnesium in the body
      • Contraceptive Pill nutrition deficiencies
      • Focusing on the signs and symptoms first
      • How to support yourself while on the pill

Connect with our Guest: 

Website: www.hormonehealingrd.com Instagram: @hormonehealingrd Podcast: Are You Menstrual? Check out Amanda’s Mineral Course here


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Get connected, listen to your body and remember; body confidence all begins with living in tune with your menstrual cycle.

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