5 Morning Habits to Transform your Health

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Goooood Morning!

Well it will be after you’ve read this post. Mornings here on the Gold Coast where I live are magical year round but magical mornings really start with wake-up morning habits that transform your health. And that basically means they also transform your day too.  YAY!

If I think about what my mornings use to be like 8 years ago they went a bit like this…
Roll out of bed, hit snooze (for what felt like a 1000 times) then get up,
brush teeth,
grab lunch (I always pre-packed lunch the night before, school days habits there)
drive to work
work… and you get the rest.

Thinking back on it where the hell was the ‘me’ time there, let alone the ‘self care’.

It’s taken a while for these things to just be part of my day and not something on the ‘to-do’ list. Mind you – don’t stress all new habit start out as to-do’s before they become things you naturally do without thinking about it.
Like scrolling on your phone on Instagram – that’s not so much a great thing you naturally do but hey, I’m human and get caught out doing that too.

So here it is;

5 Morning Wake-Up Habits that can / aka WILL transform your Health:

1. Wash your mouth!

Ah-ha – you heard it hear first. Most people as soon as they get up wash something down their mouth. Coffee, tea, water, lemon juice. But before you do any of that, even the almighty health stuff you must wash your mouth out. Ever wondered where bad breathe comes from? Well it’s your breathe over night trying to eliminate toxins and one of the easiest things you can do to help with the process is to… well wash it out, NOT wash it down. So before you drink ANYTHING wash and rise some water in your mouth. What does that look like: A mouthful of water, swirled around in your mouth and spit it out. #1 DONE.


2. Oil Pulling

This sounds pretty eeky, BUT hear me out. Oil pulling is an ancient form of healing and detoxifying that has been introduced to the western world via Ayurveda. It’s where you place oil in your mouth and swish it around for a period of time, ideally between 5-20mins. Now when you start you’re obviously not going to do 20 mins, so start small with a couple of minutes and build it up. The best oils to use are Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil or Sesame Oil. What this technique does is works on drawing out toxins from the mouth / glands around the mouth into the oil and then you spit it out. Don’t knock it till you try it. Plus it’s fantastic for your teeth and gum health too.


3. Meditate

If you haven’t heard about meditation come out of hiding and listen up. Meditation in it’s most idealistic form is sitting in stillness. That’s it – sitting in stillness. Find time in your morning to sit and allow your body to become completely still and present. There are many forms of meditation but the concept all revolves around slowing down, quietening down and tuning in. Practice this for 5 mins. It’ll feel weird, hard and odd at first but the only goal here is to just sit in peace and silence. Let thoughts and all those to-do’s pop in and as quickly as they came in, let them pop right back out.


4. Stretch

One of my favourites! STRETCHING. If we all spent a little more time every day self caring for our mobility what a different body we’d have to live in. Before you get out of bed take the opportunity while you’re laying down to stretch. Your back, rolling on your spin, your hips, shoulders, neck. What ever feels most organic to you do that, you’re body always knows what it needs so just let stretching flow for you. When and where possible spend at least 10-15mins doing this while you do our next habit…


5. Gratitude / Affirmations

I’m all about productivity and efficiency when it comes to habits, kind of like cooking meals. Why cook one meal when you could just make double and have left overs. While you’re stretching or after you meditate take out your journal – if you don’t have one go get a nice notebook (from Kmart $3-5 you’re totally worth it) and write down 3 things you’re grateful for to start the day. Got more than 3, then don’t stop writing you may have 5, 10 or more. On finishing gratitudes write an affirmation or intention for the day. Here’s some examples to get you started:

Today I choose happiness
I am full of joy
Life brings to me what I desire
My body is healthy, nourished and energetic.


Excited for tomorrow morning?

YAY me too! Try these habits and see how they can transform your day. Don’t get stressed out about doing them all at once if it does make you feel under the pump. In that case start with implementing #1 (ESSENTIAL), then add #5, then add #3, then add #4 and then add #2. This is my view of the order of importance. Don’t let it overwhelm you just start with one at minimum and build it up.


You’re totally worth a transformed day!


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