My Bali 6 Day Cleanse Detox Experience

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I’ve just come home from spending a wonderful 3 weeks in Bali!  When I got to Bali I had my first week planned for my best friends wedding but apart from that I basically had no idea what I was going to do with the rest of my time.

Since embracing my path as a practicing yogi I had heard great amazing things about Ubud soduring my first week in Bali I visited Ubud on a Cycling Tour and discovered how truly beautiful it is.  Feeling inspired my intuition and energy drove me towards doing something for myself for a change, so I looked into cleaning and detoxify myself from the inside out.  You do need to love yourself after all and what better way to do all of that than with a 6 Day Cleanse Detox.

After the wedding I was totally ready to rejuvenate and relax.  Now travelling solo I made my way back to peaceful Ubud to start my mind, body and spirit cleaning and clearing journey.  Just quickly, I LOVED this experience and have been dying to share it with – so let me spill the beans on my Bali 6 Day Cleanse Detox Experience, all of them!

My Bali 6 Day Cleanse Detox Experience

The cleanse I took part was conducted and run at the beautiful Yoga Barn.  The Yoga Barn is a relaxing and genuine, friendly and comfortable, earthy and unpretentious place located in the center of Ubud. Surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery, many multicultural offerings, and a peaceful easy-going lifestyle the Yoga Barn sounded like the perfect place to cleanse if you ask me, I just couldn’t say no.

So here’s what did my 6 Day Cleanse Detox included:

– 6 Day Juice Cleanse focusing on clearing the colon, liver, parasite, and heavy metals

– Daily herbal cleanse supplements

– Daily Far – Infrared Sauna Sessions

– Continual Daily Support and Guidance from health care professional

– Colonic Hydrotherapy Sessions & Enema’s  – YEP I had colonics and enema’s

– Daily classes in Yoga, Breathe Work & Meditation

Starting fresh Monday at 6am I dove straight into a beautiful Wheatgrass Shot and Veggie Juice. After already being a juice lover I totally loaded up on veggies.  With all of my juices I was able to select my own combinations – this helped with my sanity a little too. Sticking away from the sugars for a more thorough cleanse (personal choice – all in or nothing I say) my juices consisted mainly of vegetables and herbs: Spinach, Beetroot, Carrot, Cucumber, Lime, Turmeric, Basil, Coriander, Aloe Vera and Parsley were the main ones.

Surprisingly enough between the juices, coconut’s, wheatgrass shots and tea I was really full. Yep FULL off just liquid.  I was so full in fact that some days I could not even fit all of the Cleanse drinks in.


So what did I do for 6 days?

Apart from drinking Juice of course I totally immersed myself in a complete mind, body and spirit way so most of my days looked like this:

Written Morning Affirmation and Meditation on awakening
Morning Enema
Morning – Juice and shots
Mid Morning Yoga Class
Lunch – Juice
Sauna Session and Therapy Session
Dinner –  Juice
Evening Coffee Enema
Bed – Night Herbal Tea

There was no set schedule times for anything, and everything could be completed as I pleased.  Some days I did yoga in the afternoon and personal therapy session in the morning, while others I attended breathe classes and group healing.  During my 6 days I attended Yoga everyday, but while on my cleanse I wanted to expose myself to new experiences.  On Day 3 I was feeling fantastic, totally cleansed and completely flushed so on the evening of the 3rd day I attended my first Sound Healing session, which was conducted by 4 amazing spiritual musicians.  I have no way to describe this experience other than, inspirational. Sound healing is conducted through the movement of combined sound’s and vibrations created between the musicians and the students.  The session I attended went from 2 hours where I was taken through a seated singing meditation as well as a laying down meditation – may sound a tad strange at first but if you haven’t experienced a Sound Healing I highly recommend it.

Throughout days 1 – 4 I felt completely content with my juicing and surprising to some I didn’t have any needs or drive that lead me towards thinking I needed food. But Day 5 was another story.  Around lunch time on day 5 was the first time all week that I’d come across any feelings of hunger, however lucky for me I was nearly at the end of the cleanse so it was a no brainer… I had to continue through to the end and complete the entire 6 days.  My drive and desire to complete what I had set out to do took my mind off the food and made me appreciate what I was offering my body and how grateful I was for the opportunity.

My cleansing detox wasn’t just about fuelling my body with nutrients though, it was also about cleaning my body of toxicity, chemicals and crap basically.  To aid in the cleansing process throughout the 6 days I also received Colonic Hypertherapy Treatments, Enema’s and Sauna Sessions.  AHHHH colonic’s I hear you say – don’t worry tomorrow I’ll be sharing with you My First Ever Colonic.  These types of healing therapy’s are great when doing a cleansing detox of both the mind and body as they truly do aid in cleansing you from the inside out.

2 colonics, 9 enema’s, 18 juices, 12 coconuts and 6 sauna session’s down and my cleanse was complete.  Feeling light as a feather and on top of the moon I couldn’t wait to share my experience with everyone.  I was feeling the best I had ever felt on the inside but it obviously was shinning through my skin on the outside as well.  Over the last 3 days of the cleanse I’d had 4 random people approach me to tell me I was either glowing or shinning so not only was I feeling this was I was looking, living and breathing it too.

Have you fasted before? Maybe you’ve thought about doing a detox?  Comment below I’d love to hear your thoughts or any questions you may have.

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