A few months after my travels since beginning to listen to my body I was diagnose with Leaky Gut (that alone is another blog post in itself). For months after the diagnosis I followed practitioner and practitioner around trying the next herbal tonic, the next tincture, the next treatment. At the time there were no discussions on what to eat, what to remove or eat more of – plus I was already gluten free, diary free, had given up what alcohol I did drink but I still felt like crap. Not to mention very bloated, sore gut pains and quiet fatigued.

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Now the diet journey gets juicy!

I gave up using nutritional products, supplements, tinctures and tonic’s. What I was using and had been for over 3 months wasn’t fully supporting me. (I now know why of course but at the time was frustrated I’d spent $1000’s of dollars of treatments + products, I’m sure you know that feeling too)

It started with a 5 day juice fast,
then another and then another.

I saw improvements but when I reintroduced food my digestive system was confused and constipated. Aka not a happy gut.

My friend was doing a candida diet for an infection she had and for support I thought I’d do it with her, in my mind if anything it would help my gut… 6 weeks of candida dieting and I didn’t notice any changes in my gut symptoms. Plus it was so hard to keep up, not sustainable long term at all.

Introducing Paleo. I’d already cut out most grains and was already dairy free so this one I kind of felt like I was mostly already doing, but like everything I was willing to give it a try.  3 months in didn’t notice any improvements in my symptoms, if anything more constipated and still feeling fatigued. I’ve since learnt that my body, my digestive system and daily meat isn’t for me.

Then there was 20-20 diet,
followed shortly after trying water fasting.

Having leaky gut as well as parasites, not the best 2 for 1 deal and everything I was trying wasn’t working, there was no significant signs of improvement.

So I tried something else new, eating Raw – 100% raw and well it dried me out.

The shift that turned my perspective of eating around…

And then I was introduced to ancestral health, how to live like our ancestors once did applying their knowledge and simplistic ways of addressing imbalances, diseases and toxicity in the body to live in well, balance. That’s what we all want, right?!

So I did the only thing I hadn’t tried and now knew how to, I went back to eating from the earth. Simple, clean and looking back on it very anal, only because I was healing and I was committed to not feeling like shit or looking like a pregnant lady who wasn’t pregnant.

This is where I went what I call SIMPLE. You can call it vegan, raw, fasting but for me it was simple. I only ate plants, vegetables and fruits, and in any amount I liked. No meat, no grains, no nuts or seeds, no dried fruit (they hurt way to much), no caffeine, no alcohol, no packaged foods. Sounds crazy but going simple worked! In fact it worked amazingly. After almost a year of doing this I was back to full health. I felt light, energetic, vibrant, and had my zest back. My productive, creative, fun self was back.

But this too wasn’t sustainable. It’s an unlabelled ‘diet’ but if it’s not sustainable what’s the use. Where to from here?

How could I introduce foods back into my diet without them causing as much harm as what I’d experienced from food in the past?

This is where my emotional eating journey began
(more on that story in an blog post soon)

Ultimately getting to this point forced me to truly listen to my body, discover what it liked and didn’t like – as well as hated. It wasn’t easy, and I really missed the external support.

For a long time I felt controlled by food and lived with fear that food would, and could harm me. I knew I couldn’t live as anally with the simplistic way of eating that rebalanced my body in this modern world. I wanted to be able to enjoy going to weddings, parties and even eating dinner out with my partner. Instead of worrying about how I’d feel on the drive home.

So the slow introduction of a full ‘vegan‘ diet began. Basically I continued what I was already doing but I started adding in grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. It was a slow introduction over months but slow and steady wins the race, and it did for me.

Gracefully without pressure over time I introduced even more foods. In the western world of labels we’d call this a vegetarian / pescetarian style way of eating. Bringing in eggs, seafood and honey. Basically overtime I was trailing these different foods here and there when I felt intuitively called to do so and bit by bit I added in more to a level that felt right for me.

To this day I only eat seafood and eggs about once a week and honey here and there. I’m still meat with feet free, however I do enjoy a bone broth and am exploring introducing very well slow cooked meats soon.

Ending dieting, for good!

Dieting… I’ve been there, been through it ALL so I know first hand how it feels. How it feels to be confused, frustrated and somewhat scared of food. Did I love every moment of this almost 7 year journey of course not, but I’m thankful for these experiences and teachings, and these all now comes through in how I support you. In both my coaching and programs – in fact Well School was brought to life because of this journey you’ve just read.

It’s one of my all time favourite things in the world; teaching women how to truly connect and feel into their bodies to ignite intuitive eating – no more figure focused diets, yo-yo’ing, emotional eating or food confusion.

Plus being on the other side, I know it’s possible as well as what steps are needed to get there. Trust me there’s a bunch more that aren’t shared above like toxic levels, food sources, how to shop and read food labels you fully understand, ancestral teachings of connection and igniting intuition… and lots more.

How to Un-Diet!

Making Peace with your Plate,

All begins with making inner peace, and I’m here to tell you it’s possible.

And it can be a hell of a lot easier than it sounds, plus it doesn’t have to take 7+ years like it did for me. No one got time for that!

You see when it comes to diet’s there are so many fads, he says – she says around, everyone has an opinion as to which is the BEST way to eat but ultimately only you know which is the best way to eat. How? By learning to listen to your body. Diet’s die, they’re not sustainable long term for 6 months, 6 months or even 6+ years.

What is sustainable, do-able and completely achievable long term is incorporating ways of eating that work and are sustainable in your modern go-go lifestyles and I encourage you too adapt this life changing way of food as well!

Discover balanced eating, guided by your intuition and your womanly monthly cycle and change your life!

Don’t listen to what works with others, discover what works for you.
It’ll be the best self discovery you’ll every experience across in your life.

Things feel good, you feel good, energetic, alive, creative, unstoppable.


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Jema Lee Womens Health and Nutritional Coach