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Welcome!  I’m so glad you’re here.
Being a Woman is fresh, fun and can YES you can be filled with vitality.

Let me show you how.

I’m Jema Lee, a Certified Women’s Nutrition + Wellness + Ayurveda Coach, Entrepreneur, Foodie, Life Lover,
Hippie at Heart and
Adventure Seeker.

My passion is teaching women just like you how amazing their bodies are designed to feel, from the inside out.

Let’s be honest, the quest for feeling our best and healthiest in our own skin is rather frustrating, confusing and today, extremely overwhelming.

That’s why I created Wellsome, my soul-driven business that’s filled with love and every aspect of my passion to guide and support you to getting back in touch with your body, what it craves, how to balance it and most of all, how to radiate.

Getting started is the most challenging step of them all.
So let me make this fun, rewarding and transparent.

Your healthiest you awaits, and it all starts with these 8 Kick-Starting Steps.

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Next, I’m all about community and that’s why I created the Well-Community, a private Facebook group where you gain regular insights into a well filled life.  This community also provides a platform where you can ask questions, join free programs and connect with me.

3. Free Health Discovery Call


Set up your Free Health Discovery Call with me.

Got health goals but feel like you’ve tried everything and you’ve hit a wall with what to do next.  Why am I gaining weight, why can’t I ditch the stress eating, why am I low in energy or perhaps it’s how can I achieve blemish-free skin, detoxify and gain a deeper understanding from my body?  This call is an opportunity for you to learn the base fundamentals for kick-starting your own individual health.  Request your free call here.

4. Something for you


First time here?  Be sure to check out the ShopWindow shopping is acceptable here.  We cater for all different types of health goals and challenges however understand you are uniquely individual.  So if something catches your eye but you’re not sure if it’s for you?  Ask.  We can customize!

Plus everything I personally use, I recommend, that’s why I’ve collated them all in the shop for you.  Visit the Shop here.

5. Events


Crave connection in the most intimate and divine way?  Well you’ll love our Events – not to mention there is something to fit everyone’s budget.  (Cause starting your journey shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.)  Plus we also offer online events which means that no matter where you are, there’s always equal opportunity for you to learn and grow too.  Check out what’s coming up next here.

6. Support


You’ve got goals and a body you desire to feel amazing in, and I’ve got the guides, support and education to take you there.  Health is not a one-size-fits-all approach, that’s why support from a coach is vitally important for helping you break through your goals no matter where you start or how big they may seem.  Anything is possible when you have the right support.

Check out how you can be supported one-on-one here or in our Well Women intimate group coaching program.

7. Become a Health Coach


Ever thought about studying health or nutritionWant to become a holistic health coach yourself?  Becoming a certified nutrition and wellness coach changed my life and accelerated my passions.  Perhaps it’s for you, read about my journey here and how I can support you in becoming a coach yourself.

8. Already Got a Health Passion?


Had a fish around, like what I do and want to know how I created a health biz I love?  Great news is you’re not alone and I love collaborations so I created this Partner with Me Program for you.

Click here to learn more and download my Free ebook Top 3 makes Entrepreneurs Make and let’s see if you’re the next rocket I collaborate with.

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