Work with Jema - Nutrition Coach, Gluten Free Coach

Imagine not being confused about foods, health or even how to have a great sleep?


Imagine if you woke up each morning with buzzing energy, natural glowing skin and knowledge of food without the confusion!

What if you knew how to transform your favourite meals into a healthier option that still tasted delicious?

What if you understand your body, the messages it’s tell you and how to balance your health in your current lifestyle?.

Great news!
It’s all possible and this can happen for you.
This is how I know…

In 2009 I collapsed down a flight of stairs whilst in agonizing gut pain. I was scared, confused, frustrated and very, very lost. I knew my body was trying to tell me something yet I had no idea what. When I seeked medical advice they just proscribed me pills that didn’t at all help. Aiming to eat only what I believed was ‘healthy’ at the time, trying to juggle being stressed, confused on what to eat and running a photography business on my own I wasn’t getting anywhere. Feeling better for a day or so at a time and then slipping right back to feeling BLA! I looked 6 months pregnant, was bloated, had blemished skin and, I felt helpless.  I was willing to do anything.

I didn’t settle for band aid quick fixes, or giving up!
And you don’t need to either!

In a space of 6-12 months I went from being at my lowest to starting to feel like balanced again. I took my years of health experience and self applied what I knew, began studying and created my own philosophies around health. Cleaning up my plate, my shopping basic and overall approach to listening to my body I lost 10kg’s without evening having a goal of loosing weight. My tummy became flat, I finally had the option to wear make up if I wanted to and not because I had to cover blemishes. My mood swings disappeared and for the first time in years I felt like myself.

Today being healthy is a habit and everything else is a by-product. Plus it’s actually easy to be healthy!

This is your new path – if you’re ready for it.
Let me show you how!

Who is it for?  Coaching with Jema is for women who…

– Are sick and tired of being confused, frustrated and exhausted.

– Know what they are looking to achieve but are yet to get there.

– Open to learning new skills and habits.

– Are passionate about feeling the healthiest they have in years.

– Experience gut challenges, cramping, pains or bloating.

– Feel like they are on an emotional rollercoaster. (You’re so not alone)

– Who think being healthy is expensive (cause it does not have to be!)

– Desire to change, and take their health well into their future.


Work with Jema - Kind Words

Jema Lee Featured In

What you’ll learn while coaching Jema:

– Understand and decipher how you feel, why your body does what it does and where health challenges generate from.

– Easy daily healthy habits that slot right into your bustling day of work, little people and/or study.

– Tailored action plan for you, your current goals and your body.

– Go-To shopping guide, food list and meal plans that suit your lifestyle.

– Nutritional supplement regime unique for you. Plus how to find and know what works.

– And, how to eat out healthy, travel healthy and take your new habits with you wherever you go!


These programs are NOT for you, if you’re:

– Looking for a quick fix or diet.

– After a one size fits all program.

– Already beaming with energy, radiate skin and vitality.

– Following the ‘health trend’ and not exactly looking to achieve your goals.

– Think you already know how to be healthy and master your body.

– Dead against whole foods, nutritional support, meal plans, smoothies and yummy drinks.



         Jema Lee Coaching Session          jema-lee-nutrition-coaching-nourishing          Nutrition Coaching 6 Sessions


1 off Session – $120
3 Sessions – $349
6 Sessions – $569


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What others are saying:

Congratulations to these new clients who have worked with me to create their very own healthy lifestyles, and bodies they love.

Nutrition Coach Jema Lee


“I don’t know if this is humanly possible but as soon as I started your recommended nutritional regime my energy levels totally changed. I wake up with energy instead of feeling like death and generally just feel so much better. The only thing I can put it down to is my new healthy habits, that’s all I’ve changed… so thank you for customizing them for me.”    Jessica Brown, School Teacher – Gold Coast


“I found my time with Jema to be invaluable. She is such an encouraging, passionate and intelligent woman, and a pleasure to work with. In the short time that I have spent with Jema, she has educated me on the fundamentals of overall health, nutrition, sleep, and finding the ultimate life balance for me. I have never felt happier and healthier. Thanks for your support Jem!”    Jordan M, Personal Trainer – Melbourne.


6 Session Thriving You Package ($94 per session)


“Loved your program and the follow-up emails. It’s added an even more of a wowsa effect and impact! You do truly brilliant and inspiring work. I love how you get the truth of the matter and that each person is unique and will respond accordingly to what their body requires. It makes it all the easier as you practice what you recommend. Not only that, you encourage to have the strength to be open, gently challenging me and then supporting me.  Beautiful role model that’s for sure.”    Helen Heeds, Nurse – Gold Coast

“Lovely to finally meet you and have a 1:1 session with you! I need to make sure from now on I come to EVERY SINGLE ONE because today’s session has come a the right time as I’m looking to find and create the best version of myself. Can’t wait to learn how to do so with your guidance, I’m already seeing and feeling the changes!!!!”    Natalie B, Sales Assistance – Gold Coast


Work with Jema - Kind Words



         Jema Lee Coaching Session          jema-lee-nutrition-coaching-nourishing          Nutrition Coaching 6 Sessions


1 off Session – $120
3 Sessions – $349
6 Sessions – $569


6 Session Thriving You Package ($94 per session)


Jema Lee Featured In

ps. because time is our most valuable asset I only get to work with a handful of people at a time. Get in early to avoid waiting.

pps. I could not possible put everything that the 10 weeks contains on one page – there is lots lots more. I’ll be teaching you everything that I do day by day, how to obtain health year round (even in the silly seasons or while travelling), and you’ll be getting guidance unique to your body, body type, goals, passions and lifestyle. YEP it’s totally tailored!

ppps. You must be committed to learning, changing and transforming to work with me, if you’re not please don not complete the next page.



6 Session Thriving You Package ($94 per session)

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