We’re all aware of the roles that barley, rye and wheat have and how they have effects of gluten in our diets. But what about Oatmeal? Much is yet to be discovered about oatmeal’s contribution or non contribution for that matter to a gluten free diet. It has been established a numerous amount of times how this ingredient is supposedly beneficial when it comes to promoting health. But the big question on everyone’s minds is… is oatmeal gluten free?

Is Oatmeal Gluten Free?

The answer is YES, for the most part. Yes it is safe to consume, especially by those who have gluten sensitivities or intolerance’s. But the given answer to “is oatmeal gluten free” may come under scrutiny when dealing with commercialized, contaminated varieties and those that are maliciously labelled. A lot of gluten free consumers today are cheated of this expectation by packed oatmeal products that are processed with gluten rich components. Highly recognised and esteemed oat brands are even having their products questioned when it comes to the integrity of their oatmeal packages.

The process of Oatmeal:

Most of the contamination starts in the field. Typically oats are reared alongside wheat and they are harvested together. Though they may be thoughtfully separated once they enter the mill, it is unavoidable for some to be mixed in with the others. So in the end, some processed wheat contain may contain oats and vice versa.

You don’t have to worry though about finding gluten free oatmeal in the market though because there are a number of oat brands that produce alternatives that you can buy that can be guaranteed gluten free. Let’s take Ouaker Oats for example; firstly there’s GF Harvest, which holds gluten free, Kosher and organic certifications. Then there’s Holly’s Oatmeal, which offers gluten free oatmeal rations in two flavors. Apart from the mentioned above, you could also choose between Bob’s Red Mill, Glutenfreeda Foods and Montana Gluten Free oatmeal. If you are considering other oat brands, be sure to check the labels and the certifications so you are certain you are getting the right product.


Other interesting Facts on Oatmeal:  Just so you know, a number of health institutes prescribe only a limited amount of oatmeal intake per day, particularly for people with coeliac’s disease.  This is so that they don’t shock their systems or withhold themselves of other valuable nutrients. The Canadian Coeliac Association Professional Advisory Board endorses that adults limit their portions to 50 to 70 grams per day while children should only be fed about 20 to 25 grams of pure oatmeal. The oats can be made into pancakes, cookies and cakes if you want to diversify your consumption. However, be sure to make certain that the other ingredients that go along with these yummy treats are also gluten free.


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