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create a life on your own terms.

Join me on the path of flexibility, freedom and independence.

So you’ve got a passion, but this passion is one that’s with you day in and day out.  You day-dream about it, you share your ideas and creativity with your loved ones and you live and breathe what you love.  Health and helping people.

But you’ve never started a business before, you’ve never worked in the “health industry”, you like what you do with your time already (work, study, stay at home parent) BUT, you want to do what you really love – you desire more.

More time with your loved ones, more time in nature, adventuring, more time doing the things that light you up.

Sounding familiar?

YES!  Well you’ve landed on the right page, for the right reason, with the right girl.

Starting anything on your own can be (and let’s be honest, is) scary!  Particularly when you’re doing it on your own.  I know – I’ve started 3 businesses on my own over the past 11 years and it’s not just scary, it can also be very lonely and isolating.

That’s why I love collaborating and teaching health passionates just like you how to expand your current business, passion or hobby, or guide you in getting started part time.

So, if you’re a health nutter, passion driven, open-hearted, love learning and have the entrepreneurial taste in your mouth, keep reading…

Let’s start at the beginning…

10 years ago, I started my first health business in drop shipping.  I loved everything about ‘health’, helping people as well as sharing and showing them how to be healthy and that’s what I did.  This led me down the path of working in natural food manufacturing in Australia for 7 years developing health and nutrition products for big Australian brands but I missed the one-on-one connection, helping people and watching them grow and evolve in their individual health.

That’s when I came across the opportunity to help people one on one through a drop shipping vehicle.  I didn’t have to be a ‘coach’ to do this.  Heck, all I needed was a passion for health and, boy, did I have one of those (it was busting outta my seams).

Got a passion for health busting out of your seams?

Drop Shipping 101

Have a product you love (sitting in a warehouse somewhere)

You connect people locally, nationally and internationally with this product you love

You have this product sent straight to them (filled with love)


The warehouse does all the packing, shipping and customer service for you

For connecting that person with a product/s you receive a commision/s

Lastly, you teach them how to use and love the product

Beauty… if they use the product more than once – you receive commission more than once.  And there’s no limit to how many times you do.

Now let’s be straight…

Drop shipping isn’t what I do, it’s a part of what I do.

Meaning it works into my day, week, business and lifestyle.

Plus it pays me residually and I therefore can choose how often, how little or how much I do it.

And it can for you too.

What’s the trick?  Partner with a company whose products rock your socks off, ie, you whole heartedly believe in them, use them and authentically share them.

I believe that…

You can have both money & happiness.  It’s a common misconception that wellness professionals may do what they love but their bank accounts don’t reflect that.  I challenge this – you can have both!

Health is Wealth!  Wealth is so often thought as defining our bank account.  Our greatest wealth is our health.  How we feel each day, how we move, even the people we surround ourselves with, your overall quality of life.  After all without our health what do we have?

Your body is a temple.  We’re gifted with only one body, so shower it in love, nourishment and laughter.  Nourish yourself as you deserve.  Take that holiday, visit your friends, eat chocolate and laugh till it feels like an ab workout.

Starting your own business doesn’t need to be costly to get off the ground, confusing or complex.  Rather it can be one of the most exciting, rewarding and life changing experiences.

You can DO this!  Doing something new for the first time is scary, but it shouldn’t be.  Doing it through collaboration removes the fear, and adds support (lots of support) making it completely do-able with on going guidance.  No in the dark moments.

I believe you can do what you love
whilst living a life you love.

That’s where the Partner with Me Program comes in

Partner with Me is a collaborative system that makes starting your own health business part time as authentic, streamlined, automated, no-fuss and no-brainer-ish as possible.

Even if you’ve never done business before.

In the process of building my business we’ve created a vault of tools and resources along with a complete 8-week mentoring system to get you started right.  One that works for ANYONE, regardless of whether you’ve had experience or are brand new at it.  Think of the program like “Your Health Business in a Box”.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you get:


Vision building and goal setting


Getting started right.  8-week training and mentoring with me, which includes 10+ years of business experience, health, nutrition, mindset education.


Best way to authentically start sharing your passion with your expanding network


How to prep & create kick-ass events, including inviting, hosting, running, structure and more (if, of course, you want to run events)


Health education and knowledge to support you in becoming the healthiest and best version of you!  You are your walking billboard


Product education and complete guidance from product foundation to product use


Access to 100’s of hours of audio and video footage for complete self-paced learning


Access to weekly mentoring and coaching sessions


Oh… Did I mention support?  I only partner with a select group of people each year so that they get me, my full presence and focus to help them shine.  Meaning, you have access to me on speed dial when you need me 24/7. #YouAreMyPriority

Does this work?

Like anything – it works if you work at it.
Collaborating with me is not for everyone.

No hard feelings but what I do and how I teach is not suited for everyone and it’s in my best interests that we’re the best fit for each other, ’cause this makes for magic.


This opportunity is not for you if:


You have a fixed mindset and aren’t open to being a student.


You’re not willing to be the best version of yourself.


You’re not an action taker.  Results don’t fall out of the sky you need to be willing to show up.


You’re not willing to get up after challenges or set backs.


You’re not willing to work (this is not a done for you opportunity).


You easily compare.  Comparison is the thief of all joy and everyone walks at different paces, this opportunity is no different and the pace you walk is set by you.

Is this for you?

Collaborating with me is PERFECT for you if you if…


You’re lit up by collaboration, connection and community


You desire change, flexibility and growth in all aspects of your life


You’re a go-getter who’s willing to be a student, dive in and show up


You’re willing to get up after set backs.  Let’s be honest and real:  in any new venture there are always setbacks – it happens, but are you willing to work through them together?


You’re looking for an additional stream of income with a meaningful and passionate opportunity


You’re a health passionate simply looking to help others, do something you love while earning an income


You’re looking to expand or start a wellness business from scratch


You like health, love to travel, and are looking for an opportunity you can take on the road with you


You’ve seen what I do, it resonates with you and you want to duplicate it


You have an entrepreneurial vision and drive to create something for yourself


You love partnering with passionate, successful, health-minded and ethical entrepreneurs

Does this opportunity speak to your soul?

Ready to make a change and become part of an authentic collaboration?

Once you’ve read the above click button below and let’s begin our collaborative journey.

What they say about Collaborating With Jema…

I am beyond grateful to be supported by such a talented and dedicated nutritional educator in Jema. For the past 6 months I’ve been mentoring alongside Jema and each time I work with her through one on one mentoring sessions she has the knowledge and experience to walk me through my challenges which leads me to always leaving out session very clear on where I am heading in both my own personal and business goals.

Jema has guided me through the ups and downs of building a new business as well as supporting me with my own personal health goals along the way. I’ve learnt more than I could have imagined from a mentoring partnership and there is always further growth encouraged.

Ashley Maisey

New Zealand

Partnering with Jema is the best professional life decision I have made! Being supported by Jema through one on one coaching sessions and in a group environment provided me with a sense of community and the supportive environment I needed to not only develop my health practitioner knowledge but my confidence and self belief too. Her patience is limitless with no question too stupid to ask, married with a special genuine nurturing approach too – trust me I have tested her:) Truly grateful for what she has and continues to teach me.

Jaimelle Jacobs

Noosa Heads

I have partnered with Jema in business since mid 2015. In that time, Jema has been very supportive and helped guide me in both my business and personal goals. Her teachings and trainings in health, wellness and business have always been easy to understand and asking any sort of question is always welcomed regardless of the question. One thing that has been a big improvement for myself since partnering with Jema is my personal growth. From where I started to where I am now, I’m a completely different person from my belief to my confidence in myself and I have Jema and her support to thank for that.

Rachel English

Gold Coast

Jema and I have been collaborative together for the past two years and each time we meet each other I learn something new! She delivers all aspects of her work in a personable manner in terms many can understand. She genuinely wants the best for her clients and is always there to listen without judgement. She has also personal helped me with any health and wellness questions and concerns. I would never hesitate to recommend Jema to my clients and love that she delivers everything with such passion.

Mia Allen

Forever Fit Nation, Gold Coast

I have been working with Jema for about 2 years now and in that time, through Jema’s guidance, I have grown immensely! Not only have I grown my business from scratch but I have also grown so much as a person as well! Jem is a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to help out in anyway she can. The support and guidance I have receive has been mind blowing and I am so thankful I decided to take the step out of my comfort zone and connect with Jema. I would definitely recommend Jema to anyone, especially if you are looking for that little bit extra hands on support!

Sarah McKenzie

So, is this speaking to your soul?
Inspired to learn more, create radical change and surround yourself in an authentic collaboration?

My well-love-filled guarantee

This opportunity has changed my life and I know it can for you too.  I believe in it so much that I’ll be there to support you every step of the way.  However, like everything in life you only get out what you put in.  Of course, I can’t guarantee results, just like I can’t guarantee your commitment.  That part all comes down to you showing up, being a student, learning the skills, growing, reaching out for support, attending trainings and staying the course.  I want you to love your decision, be inspired by it and invest in yourself.  However, if after the first 3 weeks you decide this isn’t for you, there is a full opt-out refund policy to support you.

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