Has Your Period Gone Missing, or irregular? Here’s How To Find It

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Have you sent out a search party for a missing period? Sometimes, a late or missing period is just that. Like the ocean has times where the waves are much bigger or smaller, our cycles can become longer or shorter than usual too. But if your period is regularly late or has vanished for longer than a month, instead of freaking out. Take a long deep breathe, it’s time to look at why and what your body could be trying to communicate with you.

Where has my period has gone??

When we talk about a period that has gone missing, there are a few different types of ‘missing’, and each has its own causes. And it’s important to be aware that with any health imbalance – ever, no matter what anyone tells you there is always more than 1 contributing reason. Just like plants don’t just grow from a seed and water only – it takes a team of contributors for that seed to become a plant.

Just like a health challenge like PMS, bloating, missing period, heavy period – it’s not just one reason why, it takes a contribution of multiple things for one thing to occur.


Let’s explore the different types of missing periods…

My period is late (long cycle)

When it comes to a late period, stress is the most common contributor. But this isn’t just about emotional and mental stress. Things like financial stress, lifestyle stress such as excessive exercise, food-related stress such as eating foods you’re intolerant to, digestive stress – all of these can contribute to a delayed period.

If your cycle is consistently longer than 30 days, you need to know if and when you’re ovulating, that’s step one! The best way to discover this is by tracking your cycle and knowing your ovulation signs – the feelings, discharge, energy levels and food cravings. (Don’t yet track your cycle?  Start here with my free Love Your Cycle tracker.)

My period has gone walkabout (missing for a period of time)

If your period has been gone for a month or two, don’t add extra stress to the situation. Put your hand on your heart, and take a long deep breath! And sigh out all that tension… ahhhhhhhh!
Trust me I know how this feels, had this myself for over 6 months when I came off the pill after 12 years.

Take that long deep breathe again!

Now that we know that multiple “factors” can contribute to complete loss of your period. There is most likely emotional, nutritional and hormonal challenges happening right now in your life and body that are contributing to the loss of flow / absence period.

My period has vanished because of contraceptive use

You might be currently using contraception like an IUD or Mirena. Or you might have just come off contraception, and your period seems to be a bit slow in returning.

If you are currently using contraception, a loss of your period can be a known side effect as your body re-patterns itself. Contraception blocks the natural process of producing and using hormones in the body so for some women it can take time for your body to rebalance.

If you are thinking of coming off contraception, note that every women is different and yes it does take time for your body to adjust. The length of time, well that’s different from women to women and how long you were on the contraception can potentially impact this rebalancing time. Look at my story as an example, I was on the pill for 12 years straight, and it took me just over 6 months to get my period back!

Rebalancing your hormones is about more than just making babies

So many women shrug off their hormone challenges because they don’t want kids. But let me tell you, girl – your hormones affect so much more than whether you can fall pregnant or not!

Put simply, balanced hormones = balanced health.

If you desire balanced mind, skin, energy, digestion, sleep, detoxification, creativity… all of those things come down to having balanced hormones. Let’s be honest – we all want those benefits! So it’s time to get your period (and your entire month long cycle) back on track again.

I promise you, it’ll change your life!


How to Rebalance your Hormones,
and get your Period Back

Ready to welcome your period back with open arms?
Here are a few steps to get your body back in sync.

1. Track your cycle with a printable tracker

If you don’t know what is happening for you right now, you can’t know when something is changing. So the first step is to become aware of your cycle and the signs you experience with a cycle tracker.

Why do I say a printed tracker, rather than a snazzy little app? Don’t get me wrong – apps are fantastic for a lot of things. But we actually learn more about what is going on when we physically write them down. That’s why I always recommend a printable tracker as a great foundation for starting to track your cycle. You don’t have to do it forever but minimum 3 cycles at base is an important foundation.


2. Review what’s been happening in your life

Have there been any big changes lately? You might be under a lot of stress from work, moving house, or going through a breakup. But it might also be something you don’t think of as a potential influence, like changing your diet, changing how you move your body or even travelling overseas.

Any significant change you make to your lifestyle can affect your body and its natural state of balance.


3. Check your hormones

When was the last time you had your hormones checked in a blood test? Most women get regular tests for things like iron and vitamin D, but rarely will they check their hormone levels.

Knowing what your hormones are doing can help you to understand what’s going on in your body. This is particularly helpful if you’re dealing with a long cycle of over 30+ days, or even a shorter cycle of under 25 days.

I get mine tested every 6-12 months. For me, hormone testing is always a part of my regular check-up, just like feeling your boobs on a regular basis! If you feel like your period is over 30 or under 25, your hormones may be contributing to your cycle challenges.


4. Look at what you’re putting in your body

Everything that you put in your body can either have a positive or negative effect. So think about what you’re putting into your body on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Are you using any kinds of medications? The pill can obviously influence your hormones, but it’s not the only medication that does. Are you using things like anti-depressants, antibiotics, anti-anything (and why are you using it??)

We put food into our bodies every day, so have a look at how you’ve been eating and what you’ve been eating. Have you been eating out more recently? Are you choosing more convenience foods instead of nourishing foods? Think about how this could impact your body.


5. Review what you’re putting on your body

What you use on your body is just as important as what you put in it. In fact, the average woman puts over 500 chemicals and toxins on her body every single day!

Go over what you’re using on your skin: nail polish and remover, shampoo, conditioner, makeup, deodorant, perfume, skin-care products, hair styling products… The list goes on.

Do you know what these products contain, and how they may influence your health? Is your body responding to all of these chemicals by altering your normal cycle?  (The answer: probably!)

FYI – your body’s ONLY role is to look after you.
It’s not doing this TO you, it’s doing it FOR you.

Your body is trying to share a message with you. So let’s listen in to what it has to say.


Comment Below…

After reading this post, what do you feel is most contributing to your current cycle and period health?
Would love to hear from you.

         Jema Lee

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