Period Poos, IBS & Digestive Health with Chelsea McCallum : Episode 193

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(Subscribe on iTunesSpotify, StitcherSoundCloud or TuneIn) Have you experienced period poos? Even if you haven’t heard that term before, you probably guessed right: period poos are those uncomfortable, runny poos that happen at the same time as your period. As if one fluid coming out of our body wasn’t enough! In this episode, I am joined by the amazing Chelsea McCallum to talk about all things period poos and IBS. It’s no coincidence that our poo consistency and bathroom urgency happens at the same time as our period and Chelsea is here to explain why. After her personal experience with IBS, Chelsea has incredible knowledge on gut health, IBS, and how the two impact our menstrual cycle. Today, Chelsea has clients around the world that she helps navigate their experience living with IBS. From her own experience and her education as an online dietitian, Chelsea is changing so many IBS sufferers’ lives for the better. In this conversation, Chelsea shares her tips, tricks, and advice for people who have IBS, gut health issues, or just want to get a better understanding of those pesky period poos. She talks about what IBS is, how to identify the signs of IBS, why period poos happen, cyclical eating tips for a healthy gut, what the differences are between prebiotics and probiotics, how to begin taking care of your gut, and so much more.  

Meet Our Podcast Guest:

[Cycle Day 14 – Inner Summer] Chelsea is an online dietitian based in Brisbane, Australia. She founded the IBS Relief Program, a completely digital solution helping IBS sufferers from all over Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Europe & more. She specialises in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and the low FODMAP diet.
Period Poos, IBS & Digestive Health with Chelsea McCallum _ Episode 193

In this episode we chat about:

      • What IBS is and how to know if you have it (7:35)
      • Signs you may have IBS (11:40)
      • How digestive health impacts our menstrual cycle (13:50)
      • Cyclical eating tips for a healthy gut during menstruation (16:55)
      • Recommendations to help with gut irritability when menstruating (22:44)
      • The difference between pre / pro biotic and how they can help our gut health (26:18)
      • How to begin the process of looking after your gut (32:19)
      • HWhat Chelsea would tell her younger menstruating self (37:00)


Connect with our Guest: 

Instagram: @ibs_dietitian
Facebook: IBSDietitianNutritionist
TikTok: @ibs_dietitian

Loved Chelsea’s work, check out her Free Downloadable, The IBS Relief Program – online program


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