Welcome to the Well Woman Podcast!

The Well Woman Podcast is here!

I have some exciting news! The Well Woman Podcast is here. News is in, we're now live on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud and many other podcast platforms all ready for you listening pleasure. haha can't even fathom how listening to my voice is pleasure, but the line...

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How to Discover your Unique Ayurveda Dosha

Ayurveda it’s all the buzz at the moment and the quest for knowing your dosha and staring that dosha balancing diet pronto is top priority everywhere I look right now. But does this actually contribute to balanced health? Well, in this blog post you’ll find out. ....

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Get Around

Hey There!

I’m Jema Lee, day time mermaid, plant nutter and obsessed with all things women’s health and normalising periods. Now I’m teaching you all my cycle balancing secrets!