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I’m Jema Lee
I’m an expert on women’s menstrual cycles, an ancestral health nerd, and my obsession is teaching women how to embrace their monthly cycle with confidence, sass and quirk! I make poo, sex and period chats FUN!

Real words from our listeners

Best Podcast EVER!

“I love this podcast, Jema is so real, open and insightful. Thank you for sharing and helping so many women.”


My New Fav Podcast

“I am loving this podcast soooooo much. Jema is awesome! Loving all the great information as it’s so relatable, I dig the real talk and the guest speakers are always so interesting. I love hearing about other people’s journeys and I think it’s really cool hearing what day of their cycle they are one. Every woman needs this podcast in their life.”


Fav Podcast

“Jema has so much wisdom to share and I could listen to her all day! Super engaging and I’m excited to learn more from her!”


Brilliant, learnt so much!

“Loved the juicy information contained within the podcasts. They never taught this stuff at school which is so life transformational! I’ve learnt so much about what it means to be a woman, femininity and flow.”


LOVE, totally life changing

“I absolutely love this podcast! The content/ info Jema shares is so important but hardly ever spoken about. Jema has changed the way I view my cycle and treat my body as a result.”


Absolutely Amazing

“Jema has taught me so much through this podcast and her absolutely amazing Well Woman Academy! How to live in tune with my body, listen to why my body needs and say, the importance of rest and eating within your cycle. I 100% recommend you to take the time for yourself and listen to the wise words of Jema Lee.”