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How to Bleed and Be Merry : Episode 41

Got your period due around the festive time? Me too! The old me would be freaking out about this, in fact I may even of skipped my “bleed” if I was still on the pill. But that was the old me, aka a very long time ago. I know exactly how it can feel... “my period... on...

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How traveling can effect your period! Episode 36

Can traveling effect your Period? Straight answer - YES! Our cycle can be effected by many different lifestyle changes and traveling can be a big one. Given I'm off to India in a couple of days I thought what better time to share and explain how long haul travel may...

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How Does Period Underwear Actually Work? Episode 32

Ever wondered how period underwear actually works, been a tad scared to try them for yourself? Don't blame you - I use to be too! That was until I converted and my menstrual cycle confidence has gone through the roof. In this Episode I chat about: How period underwear...

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