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“Jema is a natural born teacher, who’s wisdom comes straight from her beautiful heart. I have been following Jema’s work for a few years now and adore everything she is about. If you are looking for someone to inspire and empower you to realise how strong, beautiful and capable you are of healing then Jema is your guide. She has an effortless way of holding space and making you feel seen and understood. She is compassionate, caring, kind and supportive. I highly recommend working with Jema, trust me you won’t regret it!” 
Kayla MacDonald, Australia

“In my daily life it can be  hard for me to find a balance within myself and around me, and then be able to listen to what my body needs,  Jema has she has helped me keep myself accountable. Working with her reminds me of the importance of taken those moments to listen to myself. I have become more insightful and mindful of my eating and well-being and so many other things! I look forward to continuing  my journey with Jema , she is my voice of reason!  I alway enjoy our chats she is such a ray of light! 
– Sarah Wolfson, Sweden

“Jema is a brilliant source of inspiration, knowledge and encouragement. She teaches you the info you need to understand what true health is, but more importantly the framework you need in order to take well being into you’re own hands, and does it in such a supporting and nurturing way. With Jema, health doesn’t start with understanding your problem – it starts with understanding yourself. She’s given me the confidence to really connect with myself and the inspiration to start seeing life in a brand new light. I’m saying good bye to feeling utterly confused about how to be happy and hello to following my flow, it feels REALLY good. I just wish I’d started working with her earlier in life.” 
– Jenni Youdell, United Kingdom

“I am so grateful that I came across Jema and her beautiful programs, cycle education and passion for womens health. She’s supported me in moving towards living in sync with my body and cycle, for which I will be forever grateful for these life changing insights.” 
Nicolette Wijers

“Jema absolutely changed my understanding of my cycle!!! And body… It’s actually exciting now knowing when I’m in the various phases and using the guides, teachings and downloads inside the Well Woman Academy to best support each phase is brilliant.” 
Alyssa, USA

“Jema’s workshop has been such an eye-opener! I walked away with so much body self awareness, a brand new understanding and LOVE for my cycle, and how to be comfortable with myself, such a powerful day!

– Kate, Well Woman Retreat Day

I am so glad that I invested time and money into Jema’s great programs. I have been on different contraceptions since I was 16. A long time to be messing around with my natural cycle. Well Woman has given me the confidence to know my body and track my cycles as a form of contraception. I used to hate having my period and this past year I have really been feeling that I just want a period to feel like a normal woman – Now I love having my period!” 
– Steffi, United Kingdom

Since learning in depth about my period and monthly flow I’ve been reflecting on my cycle and it’s been incredibly beneficial to finally understand and feel connected with my body. I’ve become more observant of the changes throughout my cycle and feel less anxious when my body experiences something out of alignment. I am so excited to implement the seasonal guides into my different phases and continue to support my menstrual cycle. I’m feeling more connected than ever – thank you Jema! 
– Hannah, Australia

I love working with Jema! The last few months have been about getting in touch with my body and my cycle. My favourite part has been learning how our cycles sync with the seasons. Learning how each phase of our cycles, has different “seasonal needs”. This has made it easier to listen to my body give it what it needs. This journey hormonally is only just beginning, and I cannot wait to see how great I feel as my body learns to re-sync after years on the pill! As a health professional myself I know the important of looking after ALL of you. Jema is my go-to gal for the little ‘Jem’s’ of wisdom that will help me or my patients improve overall health and well-being.” 
– Elizabeth, Australia

“Jema is such a tree of wisdom and knowledge. I love her way of teaching, passion and dedication to womens health has supported me in transforming my health.

Lotti, Sweden

Jema has a wealth of knowledge and shares it in a relaxed, fun and easily relatable way. Her teachings are also very informative, thought provoking and life changing. I have changed so much in the last year since working with Jema, I’ve become the observer of my body, my mind and my emotions. I now know how to best nourish my mind, body and soul by listening to what it needs. My entire perspective on health has shifted for the better.

Jema’s passion for empowering women to get to know their bodies through her moon cycle teachings is astounding. Her love for what she does is infectious and makes you want to continue to learn more and further discover your body.

I feel we’ve only just scraped the surface but I have already started to see what Jema has described. Do yourself a favour, and say yes to yourself! Taking this journey with Jema has been the best thing for my health.”
– Mel, Australia


“Well Woman has been completely life changing. Jema is a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of health… like… ALL – OF – THEM. not just food and nutrition! She’s all round women’s health expert.

– Samantha, Well Woman Academy

“I just completed Jema’s 5-Day Mini Course, WOW so very insightful. Jema has taught me to listen to my body. She is very knowledgeable in what she is talking about and found her easy to relate to. Would highly recommend to women of all ages to get in contact with if you are wanting to learn to more about your body and supporting it.”
– Beth, Australia

Jema….Woah! Our first session was really amazing and super intense, right now I feel like I’m right where I should be…I am SO excited. I feel like my life has been guiding me here and this is just the kick that I need to really get my priorities in line and create some new beautiful patterns. I am excited to implement your processes and teachings to connect with myself more on a daily basis. I feel like I could cry with all the feelings but thank you so much for today and I am so excited for this journey. SO MUCH LOVE!
– Natalie, Australia

Working with Jema feels like I’ve done 20 years of searching of the answers and finally finding them all within 90 minutes and a program with her that increases my energy, mental well being and overall quality of life in just a few months.
– Amber, Australia

Jema is an excellent educator, coach and mentor, the way she shares her health knowledge is very engaging, passionate and clear.  She chunks down the complex information and makes it simple, relatable and so comprehendible with her funny and easy to remember analogies.
– Jude, Australia

One on One Coaching with Jema was the BEST decision I ever made for my health!
– Chloe, Australia


Working with Jema has been such a comforting & supportive experience. I’ve worked with a lot of health professionals in relation to my chronic fatigue but she’s helped me learn to listen to my body and explain things in a way that I really “got it”. Her approach is kind, supportive and knowing I can reach out to her for advice has been such a blessing and a comfort. I feel I ask her quite literally anything! Having been on the pill and other medication for years, I was really out of sync with my body and my cycle. I’m now off all medication & enjoying (yet still learning) more & more about my cycle via well woman. It’s been a great and invaluable 6 month experience, which i’m so glad I embarked on. 
– Camilla, Indonesia

Well Woman has been one of THE most beneficial things I’ve ever done for myself. Not only have I gained a deeper, more holistic understanding of the how’s and why’s of my feminine body and all the mind-blowingly amazing things she does on a cyclical basis, I’ve learnt how to honour her throughout each of my inner seasons – and just how important it is to do so.

Understanding that as cyclical beings we can’t expect ourselves to feel, move, eat… do anything the same day-in-day-out, has definitely guided me towards rebalancing my four pillars of health. Learning that we don’t run like clock work as men do has really helped me to drop the guilt and expectation I would place on myself to always be go-go-go, and instead listen to and respect what my body is telling me. 

Gaining this cycle awareness has helped me to realise how beautiful our feminine bodies are, and how when we are connected and in-tune, we naturally flow. I think every woman deserves to delve into learning about their cyclical health to help them understand and appreciate just how insanely incredible our bodies are. Thank you endlessly Jema for a lifetime of knowledge, and for guiding me towards greater self-love and connection. 

– Lily, Australia

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Meet Jema

Jema Lee is an expert women’s menstrual cycle educator and coach, daytime mermaid and a plant mum devoted to helping women confidently connect and awaken their own intrinsic cyclical nature. Known for her integrity, warmth, no-gimmick analogy-filled approach to un-boxing your health honestly, Jema makes periods FUN! As she guides and supports women from over 30 countries around the world navigate their menstrual cycle through one-on-one coaching virtually, online courses, intimate events and retreats.

With over 16 years' experience in the health industry, Jema’s training in Women’s Health, Natural Fertility Methods and Awareness, Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Psychology, Nutrition, Wellness Coaching and countless short courses has equiped her with the tools that bring her unique approach to coaching on the menstrual cycle to life for menstruators of all ages.

Known for her Well Woman Podcast, a podcast show about poo, periods and sex where she brings to life taboo, awkward and vulnerable conversations. Passionate about rewriting the menstrual story for future menstruators Jema's also the creator of Cyclical, Menstrual Cycle Coaching Certification Course. Daily you'll find her on Instagram and either tripping around with her partner in their rooftop penthouse, mentoring upcoming menstrual cycle coaches or within her signature group coaching membership, the Well Woman Academy. Apply to work with her, here.

Jema Lee, Menstrual Cycle Coach, Educator & Speaker, Australia