Preventing and Healing Thrush with Adrienne Rommel : Episode 194

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(Subscribe on iTunesSpotify, StitcherSoundCloud or TuneIn) What have your experiences with thrush been like? Anyone with a yoni who has experienced thrush knows it is incredibly uncomfortable. However, there are preventable measures we can take to decrease the chances of getting thrush and there are a variety of healing methods to ease the symptoms. In this episode, I am joined for the third time by the amazing Adrienne Rommel! Adrienne joined me on Episode 138 to talk about Bacterial Vaginosis and Yeast Infections, on Episode 158 to talk about herpes, and now she is back to talk with me about thrush. Adrienne is known as the Yoni Nutritionist and she has amazing tips to help us know which foods and supplements to put into our bodies that will support our yoni health and stop thrush in its tracks. After experiencing personal struggles with thrush vaginally and orally, Adrienne knows how frustrating it is to deal with, especially if the outbreaks are chronic. She has learned the nutrition and holistic lifestyle tips and tricks to manage the symptoms of yoni infections and helps people to implement them for good yoni health. In this conversation, Adrienne tells us exactly what thrush is, what can cause thrush, steps to take if you currently have thrush, what the difference is between thrush or candidiasis, why discomfort and infection are common in the premenstrual stage of our cycle, and so much more.  

Meet Our Podcast Guest:

[Cycle Day 21 – Inner Autumn] Adrienne, AKA the Yoni Nutritionist is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Sexual Health Advocate with a passion for women’s sexual health. She teaches people with vaginas the importance of nutrition and holistic lifestyle practices to maintain their vaginal health and helps them manage get to the ROOT CAUSE of chronic vaginal infections like yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, UTI’s, candida overgrowth, HPV and herpes (HSV-1 & HSV-2). As a passionate Sexual Health and STI Advocate, she empowers women to end the shame and stigma of these very common vaginal health issues and help them feel confident in their sexuality again!
Preventing and Healing Thrush with Adrienne Rommel _ Episode 194

In this episode we chat about:

      • What is thrush? (9:46)
      • What can cause thrush? (15:37)
      • How can you tell if you have thrush or candidiasis (17:11)
      • What are steps to take when you discover that you have thrush? (27:45)
      • Why do we have premenstrual discomfort or infections? (34:11)
      • What Adrienne wishes she knew when she started menstruating (50:35)


Connect with our Guest: 

Instagram: @yoninutritionist
Facebook: yoninutritionist


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