1. Ancestral Seasonal Series


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[12 month Support Program]

You’re invited to An Intimate Ancient
Way to Exploring Your Wellbeing.


You’ll learn how to:

– Embracing the elements
– Seasonal eating (without the emotional eating)
– Seasonally shop, save and food tips
– An insight into Ayurveda through the seasons
– Understand the emotions & energetic meaning of the season
– Tune into the key organs for best nourishment in each
– Achieve optimal balance through each season

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Ready to get in touch with your body in a way you never knew possible?

Ready to dust off information that’s been ingrained in you for centuries?


Unlock your connection to the seasons, the planet and
discover how fricken divinely everything is connected?

Including your health, soul & energy!


This series was hands down designed for you!

An Intimate Ancient Way to Explore Your Wellbeing

Ever wondered why curtain things with your health happen at curtain times of the year. Like, why do we not want to go out in winter and what’s the deal with cleansing in spring? Why do my taste buds change, and why are my emotions always different at different times of the year?

Ever noticed that your cravings for foods shift and change throughout the year too but a piece of your mind says, “No we can’t eat that, that food makes us gain weigh!” …so instead you keep pushing to eat a perfect diet but end up feeling miserable?

I know you know exactly what I mean.
How do I know?  Well I’ve been exactly where you are.  About 4.5 years ago I became more connected and interested with our seasons, our planet and most deeply with my bodies reaction to all of the above.

Therefore I sent myself on a quest of wanting to learn as much about how we use to always live and how these changes have effected our physical, emotional and mental health.

On this journey – the most divine thing happened. I realised exactly how uniquely everything is connected and how it natural poured through my coaching, and clients loved how it all just made so much sense. Talk about ah-ha moments.

Not sure if this event is for you?

“My favourite thing about Jema’s seasonal workshops is learning the connection
between our body and the seasons.  These events are abundantly
informative, refreshing and deeply connecting.
” ~ Lizzy


You see beautiful, each new season has a much deeper meaning than just laying in the sun during summer or rugging up on the coach with tea in winter. Inside our habits, our feelings, emotions and actions around health there is an underlying lesson. The challenge however is that most of us miss it as what once was taught and how we lived, is well… no longer taught.

And that’s why I developed the Ancestral Seasonal Series for you.
A complete 12 month support program of epicly juicy LIVE online workshops, email support and loads more.

You’ll be guided and supported to create action plans specific for each season.
Throughout each of the 5 seasons (yep there’s 5, you’ll learn why too),

You’ll learn how to:

→ Embracing the elements
→ Seasonal eating (without the emotional eating)
→ Seasonally shop, save and food tips
→ An insight into Ayurveda through the seasons
→ Understand the emotions & energetic meaning of the season
→ Tune into the key organs for best nourishment in each
→ Achieve optimal balance through each season

This unique 12 month series has been specifically put together to provide you with the exact guidance and action steps to equip you in becoming the healthiest version of yourself in complete flow with the planet.

Basically everything I teach, I do – and more than that I know it works.
Our ancestral way is just not taught like this anymore and when you get back to your roots darling things just flow.


This workshop IS for you if:

◦ You’re intrigued with seasonal health, energy, the planet and food.

◦ You’re ready to gain a deep understanding on how to establish daily health habits you’ll use forever throughout each season.

◦ You need time to reconnect, nurture and renew yourself – then this is definitely for you!

◦ You’re ready to delve into a new way of listening your body.

◦ You’re ready to delve into a new way of understanding your body.

◦ Crave a supportive, intimate, safe and connected environment.

◦ You love good food!  Not diets, restrictions and emotional eating.


What’s Included:

◦  5 LIVE Stream Classes & private access to the replays
◦  Seasonal Downloadable PDF Workbooks for each Live Class
◦  Guidelines & health tips that can actually be implement daily
◦  12 months of email support
◦  VIP Discounts to all Wellsome events, products & programs.


The Seasons + LIVE’s:

◦  Winter Wellness – REPLAY Now Available (received upon registration)
◦  Spring Sister – Thursday 6th, September 2018
◦  Mother Summer – December 2018
◦  Late Summer – February 2019
◦  Ancient Autumn – April 2019

These calls will run for 2hours + Q&A time.
6:30pm – 8:30pm
Brisbane, QLD AEST time


Not sure if this series is for you?

“Jema is a goddess her knowledge is awesome and explained in a fun, understandable and absorbable way. This was my 8th event of Jema’s and I love joining her classes as each time I learn something new.” ~ Lyn

“AMAZING experience, I loved it. Since the class I feel so much more inspired and motivated to live a healthy life and to create the chance in my life. Just go, you’ll love it, learn alot and feel completely supported.” ~ Kayla



What others say about our Ancestral Events:

“The Winter Workshop: comforting, blissful, relaxing.  This workshop was a great way
to get excited and give you motivation to focus on making changes to feel healthier.” ~ Emma

“Jema’s events are very valuable. Do yourself a favour and treat yourself to some you time at one of Jema’s events. I left the workshop feeling restored, centred, gained a lot of great advice and picked up lots of tips around not just what to eat but the whole package.” ~ Kath



Once your registration and payment has been processed. You’re in!
Leading up to the event date you’ll receive a ‘how to prepare guide’.

Got questions? Contact: info@wellsome.com
** Tickets are non-refundable, yet can be transferred up to 48 hours before the event with confirmation received by event hosts. 

6 reviews for 1. Ancestral Seasonal Series

  1. ~ North QLD, Australia

    The winter season was great! There were a couple of things that deeply resonated with me. The interconnectedness of the senses and organs, as well as the taste for the seasons – interesting howe exactly what you taught was exactly what I needed. Oh and I loved the seasonal card readings too! Thank you again Jema for your thought provoking and inspiring information, analogies and dialogue. As a women in her 60’s, highly recommend this course.

  2. Lisa ~ Gold Coast, Australia

    So many take home points from the series and I’m only 1 month into the 12 months. Understanding winter in a new light has made it a much more enjoyable season! I usually count down the days till spring but now I’m warming up Winter with all the little tips and hints from the class and loving the process!

    Thanks Jema! Love love love the Ancestral Series!

  3. Alyssa ~ Perth, Australia

    WOW – where do I start?! It only took me a month to watch the first call (I’ll be better next time) but I seriously loved every second and soaked up ALLLL the info!

    I absolutely loved learning about the different characteristics of the seasons – i.e. the emotion, the yin and yang organs, the sense, the cultivation, etc. It all makes SO much sense and now that I know this, I feel so much more connected to my mind and body because I’m understanding why I think and feel certain ways and do certain things. I also freaking loved learning about the seasonal foods. I’m excited to incorporate more of the Winter foods, herbs, and spices into my cooking over the next few months.

    As always Jema, I’ve learned so much and I thank you so much for that!

  4. Mel ~ North QLD, Australia

    I loving the Ancestral Series! There were so many things that were relevant to me and made so much sense! One of the main things was wanting to turn inwards! Thats been huge for me the past few weeks!

  5. Rebecca ~ Melbourne, Australia

    I FINALLY got to watching the replay today! Absolutely loved it, and helped make lots of the pieces around me fall into place. Lots of times where I was answering YES to the video when you asked questions. I’ll absolutely have to make sure I’m on the live call for next season 🙂

    Biggest takeaway…. I think the importance of having some dedicated time for rest and restore. Intellectually, I know the importance of it, and the value I get from it, but it’s also easy for me at times to procrastinate and put off my rest till the ‘next time’. Hearing you say so many tips was yet another gentle nudge to keep being aware of what serves and does’t serve me.

    Thank you Jema!! xx

  6. Lauren ~ Sunshine Coast, Australia

    Just finished watching the winter class. LOVED IT!! So many take home points and I’ve generated the feeling of ahhhhh from the class.
    Also I thought your viewpoint on nutrients and raw foods was very enlightening and really resonated with me.

    Really excited to get into the seasonal foods without the guilt all the time. Love this new way of thinking and being, and love how nurturing and forgiving this way of life is for the body mind and soul.

    Thx for bringing all this info out into the light of day. LOVE x

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