Bhakti – Cyclical Business Course



* A 6 Week Self Paced Business Course for Women Devoted to Serving Women *

So you’re a female health nutter, wellness seeking, eco-everything, abundant soul who’s devoted to support women amplify their lives…

YAY!!! You‘ve landed in the right place.
Take a deep breathe, youre in good hands!

What’s included:

  • 6 x 90min Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls

  • 6 x weekly workbooks & accountable action tasks

  • Class replay’s throughout the 6 weeks

Course Delivery:  Weekly email direct to your inbox.

Course Start Date: This is a self-study course that will be delivered to your email weekly. Lessons will begin the day after you enrol.

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Bhakti is an intimate online self paced training program for women’s health nutters who are ready to launch, relaunch and build a business that speaks their soul – BUT are confused and scared out of their minds on how to make it work.


“I have genuinely loved being apart of Bhakti!! It has been the biggest pull in the right direction for me, helping me to pinpoint exactly what it is that I want to offer as well as feeling completely aligned with my decisions!!” – Aleesha Darr

Bhakti Self Paced Business Bootcamp CourseWhat you’ll learn over this 6 week self-paced course:

Here’s a sneak preview of what we’ll cover together over the coming 6 weeks.

Week 1:  Vision + Foundations

Defining your vision, discovering your niche, setting the foundations, all the essentials you need to have ticked off the list before going live and launching. We’ll also explore your growth, abundant mindset and help you rewire to “I can do this” mindset unlocking what’s holding you or held you back form just getting started already.

Week 2:  Abundance

Welcoming in abundance, overcoming financial frustrations and fears. Discovery my cashflow mapping exercise, and understanding income and income opportunities for creating a business that supports you. Setting up your business structure for success, aka the financial education you wish they taught you when you studied. Financial Education (setting up multiple income streams, supporting yourself away from your bridge job)

Week 3:  Your Offer

How will you support others? Week 3 is all about defining your services/products. Creating offers that spread your vision, over creating offers from fear or just because others are doing it “so I should to” mentality. Products and services that structure your business for success.

Week 4:  Visibility

Branding and crafting your vision to life. The things you MUST have before you launch, and what you don’t need even though you probably think you do need.

Week 5:  Engagement

Connecting, building relationships, marketing, attracting clients and getting yourself out there. The importance of being authentic and my #1 secret to gaining confidence to shout your message from the roof tops.

Week 6:  SHINE!

Launching, relaunching and going live. Mastering time management and planning. Amplifying your productivity by syncing your business with your menstrual cycle. Not to mention this naturally connects you to creating based on intuition – over forcing things to happen!

Bhakti Self Paced Business Bootcamp Course


What you’ll receive when you join us:

  • 6 x 90minute Live Zoom classes.
  • 6 x Workbooks, exercises and action steps to keep you connected and on track throughout our 6 weeks together, and beyond.
  • PLUS: access links to resources, tools, program recommendations to help you think tank, get the right support without having to do all the days of fishing around.

*All classes are recorded and available for replay
*There are no refunds given on any enrolments/bookings/registrations, read our refund policy here.
Got questions?  Contact: [email protected]


What Bhakti Course Students say;

“Bhakti Bootcamp has changed the way I look at my business. I didn’t have a clear plan before, now I have a strong vision for my business and will bring this to life in everything I do with my business. I will stand by my public promise and will share this in my content. I understand more about my money blocks which have really held me back in the past. Thank you so much Jema for offering Bhakti. I wish I had found this sooner!!!!” – Kiara Johnson

“I’m very glad I joined Bhakti. Starting out in my business, I believed that there was soooo much to do and I didn’t know where to start. Bhakti helped me to clearly understand what I needed to do, in an order that supported my growth and unfolding of the steps I am taking towards launching my business. I would definitely recommend Bhakti to anyone who is needing support in their business, no matter what stage of the process you are.” – Marea Cantrill

“I have been LOVING the Bhakti Biz Bootcamp course so much! It has been bloody awesome learning the world of business. For over a year now, I’ve wanted to branch off from mainstream teaching into something that allows me a good work/life balance but couldn’t work out what that looked like. Since working with you, you have helped me to narrow down exactly what it is I want to offer the world, and for this, I am eternally grateful.” – Aleesha Darr

“You have helped me open my mind up to limitless opportunities to create an abundant income – ways I never thought of & have instilled confidence in me that I can totally do this!! The videos are my fave as I love just listening to your wisdom!! Thank you so much for creating this!!!! And such an amazing price too!!” – Tara Louise Bailey

“I love that your experience and back ground knowledge has been able to be condense into this 6 week drop! How lucky are we! You have helped me gain more confidence and your no fuss approach to getting clear is very time efficient. If I was to undergo tafe/short course (close to enrolling in before your 2hr insight vid) I would still get more out of your course by far! Its more self belief based and your Facebook group units I like too. Its been really easy to navigate and love the entire set out! You’ve done so well and you’ve really made an impact in the way I see business now! Its empowering me and now have an open mind.” – Shelly Bruggy


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