5-Day Love Your Cycle Mini Course Bundle


What’s Included:

– 5 x Daily Recorded Class Videos (and Audios)
– Over 160 minutes of Live Class Education
– Daily action steps, tasks and cycle prompts
– Written Course 50-page eBook guide with 20,000 words [DOWNLOAD]
– 120 minute #LoveYourCycle Audiobook
– #LoveYourCycle Nutritional Chart Guide [DOWNLOAD]
– Product discounts, recommendations and cycle balancing insights
– Access to Free #LoveYourCycle Support Community

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Love Your Cycle Menstrual Course

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Discover a new cycle knowledge and understanding in less than a week..

Embrace your flow, take charge of your life and celebrate your period


The Love Your Cycle Mini Course


Exhausted and confused by your monthly cycle?
What does my PMS mean...
Why do I have period cramps...
How can I get my cycle back into balance naturally?


Over 1000+ women from around the world have completed this simple, self paced mini cycle course and transformed their understanding around their own cycle health, all in less than a week.

If you're craving;

... more further information and a clearer understanding of your menstrual cycle
... a deeper knowledge of my body’s need throughout your monthly cycle
... a guide on how to better to look after your mind and body leading up to my period and during your period
... a deeper my connection your cycle and your inner intuition
... to know how to eat properly according to my cycle, knowing the best foods for every cycle phase
... to understand how to identify and understand the "symptoms" around your cycle
... guidance on how to prepare to come off contraception
... to better manage moods, cravings, energy lows and hormonal imbalances.

In less you can know all of this and more!

Love Your Cycle 5 day mini course, Discover your menstrual cycle with Jema Lee

Throughout this 5-Day Mini Cycle Course Immersion you'll Discover how to:

- Reconnect with your body and your monthly cycle

- How to use tracking to support your before, during or after coming off contraception. (even if you don't have a bleed)

- Eat in tune with each phase of your menstrual cycle

- Customise your exercise to be in alignment with supporting a healthy cycle

- Reduce, eliminate and identify PMS and Cycle signs as they arise.

Love Your Cycle Menstrual Course Love Your Cycle Menstrual Course Love Your Cycle Menstrual Course Love Your Cycle Menstrual Course


Your 5 day LYC Course overview:


Day 1: Getting to know your Cycle

We kick off this course by laying the foundations down, getting you started right without all the ‘fluff’ so you can start connecting with your cycle immediately.
- #1 way to get to know your cycle as a women
- How to track your cycle
- Do I track with the Moon?
- Benefit of tracking your cycle with a written track
- How to start your cycle tracking journey - the easy way!

And - Is Tracking your cycle without a bleed, is it possible? - YES! In this class you'll discover how.

Day 2: Discovering the 4 Phases of your Menstrual Cycle

This class is all about getting to know the 4 Seasons / Phases of your cycle.
- Inner Winter, Inner Summer, Inner Spring, Inner Autumn
- Understanding the importance of knowing each phase
- Phase to Phase transitions within your cycle
- Your emotions, physical state, nutritional start and bodily changes throughout each phase.

Unlocking this information renews your monthly cycle understanding and sets you up for a balance monthly flow all cycle long!

Day 3: Understanding your Cycle Signs!

We’ve all had them before… the PMS, Mood Swings, PCOS, Endo, Food Cravings and lots more. Sounding familiar?
In this class we explore;
- What cycle signs are
- Where they come from?
- How to know what to do next..
- What you can do to support your own cycle signs.

Day 4: Movement Throughout your Menstrual Cycle

Now that you’ve got the foundations for a healthy cycle down pat we unlock the secrets to moving your body throughout your cycle. You’ll learn;
- Why movement can assist with your overall cycle health
- How to move through each of the 4 phases of your cycle (the Inner Seasons)
- Examples of what movement looks like in each phase
- And how to “exercise” pressure might be contributing to your cycle challenges.

Day 5: Eating your way through your Menstrual Cycle

Discover how to eat in tune with each phase of your cycle. You'll learn;
- How to prep/cook your food
- The types of foods to incorporate into each meal
- How nutrients support your body in each phase of your cycle
- The importance of syncing your food with your cycle

Love Your Cycle Menstrual Course Love Your Cycle Menstrual Course Love Your Cycle Menstrual Course Love Your Cycle Menstrual Course .

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.Love Your Cycle Menstrual Course


4 reviews for 5-Day Love Your Cycle Mini Course Bundle

  1. Bel (verified owner)

    You need this course! I loved this week immersion so much. I learn so much about my cycle that I never knew and feel WAY more equipped about my body and how to listen to it. Super excited to apply everything I learnt. Thank you Jema – this was amazing!

  2. Brittany (verified owner)

    If you’re wanting an easy way to understand your cycle and how to connect with your body in a fun way. Do this course! I’ve loved it and it’s helped me so much.

  3. Lucy (verified owner)

    Learning about the Inner Seasons of my cycle was mind-blowing. It was really neat to learn about the cycle signs and how your body communicates with you. I’ve been using an app to track for a while but using the written tracker and learning in this mini course how to track, what to track and how to look back over your cycles has really helped me understand how to bring my cycle back into balance.

  4. Aubrey Bergeson (verified owner)

    This course has been fantastic and the ebook is gorgeous! I actually had it printed and bound and I’m now using it to keep all my notes ? it’s the perfect way to keep them all in one place! ??

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