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What’s Included:

– 50-page eBook guide with 20,000 words [DOWNLOAD]

– 120 minute #LoveYourCycle Audiobook

– #LoveYourCycle Nutritional Product recommendations

– Access to Free #LoveYourCycle Support Community

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* This ebook + audio book are included in the 5-Day Love Your Cycle Mini Course.
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Discover a new cycle knowledge and understanding
in one fun, easy to read and quirky eBook.


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Fed up and frustrated by your monthly cycle?
Over dreading monthly PMS?
Sick of asking yourself why you've got period pain and cramps?
Ready to get our cycle back into balance naturally?

Yes? WellI created this for you!

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Join over 500 women from around the world have adapted the Love Your Cycle way to reclaiming their cycle, transforming their period challenges and reconnecting with their cyclical nature.

This eBook and Audiobook was created for women who crave;

... more further information and a clearer understanding of your menstrual cycle
... a deeper knowledge of my body’s need throughout your monthly cycle
... a guide on how to better to look after your mind and body leading up to my period and during your period
... a deeper my connection your cycle and your inner intuition
... to know how to eat properly according to my cycle, knowing the best foods for every cycle phase
... to understand how to identify and understand the "symptoms" around your cycle
... guidance on how to prepare to come off contraception
... to better manage moods, cravings, energy lows and hormonal imbalances.


Love Your Cycle Menstrual Course Love Your Cycle Menstrual Course Love Your Cycle Menstrual Course Love Your Cycle Menstrual Course


Your LYC eBook + Audiobook overview:


Chapter 0.1: How it all began

Discover how my own menstrual cycle journey began and what's lead to me now teaching, guiding and supporting women all over the world reclaim their cycles.

Chapter 1: Getting to know your Cycle

Learn how to get started on your cycle journey, how to track your cycle. Preparing for cycle tracker, what to enter on your tracker. An insight into the moons and cycle tracking, including how to track your cycle without a menstrual bleed. Yep it's possible!

Chapter 2: Discovering the 4 Phases of your Menstrual Cycle

Get to know the 4 Seasons / Phases of your menstrual cycle; Inner Winter, Inner Summer, Inner Spring, Inner Autumn. The difference between each phase and how to transition through different emotions, physical state, nutritional states and of course bodily changes throughout each phase.

Chapter 3: Understanding your Cycle Signs!

We’ve all had them before… the PMS, Mood Swings, PCOS, Endo, Food Cravings and lots more. Sounding familiar? This chapter is dedicated to exploring; what cycle signs are, where they come from, how to know what to do next and what you can do to support your own cycle signs.

Chapter 4: Movement Throughout your Menstrual Cycle

Now that you’ve got the foundations for a healthy cycle down pat we unlock the secrets to moving your body throughout your cycle. In this chapter you’ll learn; why movement can assist with your overall cycle health. How to move through each of the 4 phases of your cycle (the Inner Seasons). Examples of what movement looks like in each phase. And how to “exercise” pressure might be contributing to your cycle challenges.

Chapter 5: Eating your way through your Menstrual Cycle

And of course there's a whole chapter dedicated to discovering a new way of eating in tune with each phase of your cycle.

Chapter 6: What next...

Get my full, go to list of Cycle Reminders to print out and stick on your fridge!

Love Your Cycle Menstrual Course Love Your Cycle Menstrual Course Love Your Cycle Menstrual Course Love Your Cycle Menstrual Course .


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.Love Your Cycle Menstrual Course

Love Your Cycle Menstrual Course


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