Waterproof Menstrual Free Bleed Blanket


Ready to explore free bleeding?

Save your towels, expensive bed linen, couch covers and mattresses folks, we have designed the world’s leading Waterproof Free Bleed and Squirt Blanket, which is soft, luscious and affordable.


  • 100% waterproof and leak proof guaranteed

  • Super soft and smooth

  • Fully reversible

  • Available in two sizes

  • Available in two colours

  • Machine wash and dry

  • Use indoors or outdoors (i.e. picnic, camping)

  • Holds up to a litre of liquid


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The sensitive skin on your buttocks, yoni and lower back deserves the most luxurious fabric for free bleeding, sacred self pleasure rituals or intimate love making.

One side of the blanket is made of super-soft fleece, with the other side a velvet-smooth texture that feels like silk on your skin. With a special waterproof technology integrated in the blanket that captures liquid and prevents it from leaking through, you will no longer soak through your sheets or towels.

These beautiful blankets can be used for self pleasure, partner sex, free-bleeding on your period (“Netflix and free-bleed!”), a pet blanket for the car, a picnic blanket, a baby blanket for changing nappies, or even a throw for the couch — you never know when you’re going to feel in the mood, so having a waterproof blanket (in disguise of a sofa “throw“) is best practice for our kinky queens out there!

Keep your bed dry, no matter how wet it gets!!

How to use:

Before self pleasure or play with your partner, lay the blanket over your couch, bed or floor and feel the seductive comfort of the blanket beneath you. Simply by having something waterproof underneath your body can be the peace-of-mind you need to be able to fully let go, release and let the floodgates open during orgasm.

To clean after use, simply put in a cold, gentle machine wash and dry (do not iron). Hang on the washing line in the sunshine to dry to keep the blanket in best condition.

Suggested for the blanket:

  • Sex blanket for squirting and “water sports”

  • Free bleeding blanket for those menstrual cycles when you don’t want to wear a tampon, menstrual cup or period undies!

  • Pet or picnic blanket

  • Baby blanket / nappy free time

  • Post pregnancy blanket

  • “Throw” for your couch

Sizes and colours:

We suggest investing in a squirt blanket (honey champagne colour) as well as a period blanket (moon blood red) and a variation of sizes. It’s best to have two or three blankets so you don’t have to go without when you’re washing or drying the blanket.

  • Champagne 40×40 inch

  • Champagne 50×60 inch

  • Moon Blood Red 40×40 inch

  • Moon Blood Red 50×60 inch

Made of 100% polyester fleece with an inner layer of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

Comes in a suction packed bag in highly discreet packaging.

When inserting products into your yoni, quality control and education are of the utmost importance. This is why I am an Affiliate Seller for Yoni Pleasure Palace (based in Australia). After researching numerous companies, I have found the quality, customer service, and overall mission of their company to be the best!  receive a small commission on purchases made through the links on this page.

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