Radiant Skin Audio Masterclass


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Pre-recorded audio workshop to guide you through the fundamentals for healthy, radiant and naturally glowing skin.

– 1 hours & 45mins of glowing skin knowledge

– Instant viewing access, watch or listen from anywhere with an internet connection.

– Includes downloadable Workbook to guide you through the class to support you in making nourishing skin health actions moving forward.


What you’ll learn:

– How to achieve natural beauty from the inside out

– How to debunk and unlock uncomfortable skin challenges and how to overcome them #StopThemAllTogether

– The links between emotions, what we eat and how we look

– Face Mapping Exercise (workbook included)

– The nutrients essential to assist in improving skin tone, texture, reduce raging and reverse blemishes appearing

– How females hormones link in with skin break outs

– How to choose products that are safe for your skin, health and the environment. where we’ll trail skin care products to aid in repair, restoring and rebuilding your natural glow.

– Discounts to my fav skin products & future workshops.


“Thank you Jema, this masterclass was fantastic – so much
amazing knowledge that far exceeded my expectations.”

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Want glowing, blemish free, healthy & radiant skin?
Ready to know what to do and what not to do to achieve this?

YES?  Then this online masterclass is for you!

Ever asked yourself;
…Why do I get blemishes?
…Why do they keep coming back & won’t they go away?
…How can I slow down, or even reverse the ageing process?
…What can I do to nourish my skin (and how?)

Great news!! You are so not alone. This use to be me 7 years ago, self conscious, carrying makeup in my hand bag and didn’t really know how to ‘clean’ my skin let alone stop acne from coming back.


This workshop isn’t:

– a quick fix (we don’t do those – EVER!)
– a class where you just sit and listen – we have worksheets for you!
– about make up, hair extensions or manicures

This workshop IS for you if:

– You’re looking to understand more about skin health and how to achieve a natural glow.
– Learn how to prevent blemishes, brake outs and bad nails.
– You’re wanting daily action steps for healthy, vibrant skin year round.
Frustrated about your current skin look and how it makes you feel.
– Have burning questions about your own skin challenges that you are yet to find answers too


“Thanks for the skin care recommendations Jema, I have been using the products for about 4 weeks now and have noticed my skin looks much brighter and is definitely on the improve! Looking forward to see what happens after using it for a few months. Jema’s video on how to use the products is also great and very helpful. Also easiest way to buy and quick delivery.”

How this class works:
Once you’ve registered you’ll receive a link to the LIVE recorded Audioalong with your downloadable workbook.

Got questions?  Contact: info@wellsome.com
* Product is non-refundable.


What others say about our Masterclass workshops:


“Jema’s Skin Masterclass is very refreshing, invigorating and great to see holistic health address to skin health. Great experience on all levels and so much more than just another beauty workshop.

“I attended Jema’s masterclass and within 2 weeks of following her skin care guide and daily tips my skin looked and felt different. Love how she teaches skin care and how skin health can be affordable and actually do-able in daily life.”

“A very affordable Masterclass, with a great different approach to skin health & skin care. You’ll love it!! It all makes sense now.”


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