Reset Your Cycle



* Reset your menstrual cycle in 3 easy Live classes *

What’s included:

  • 3 x Live Classes (total 127 minutes)

  • Bonus gifts, support tasks & accountable action tasks

  • Class replay’s

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A 3 part Live Class series to transform your menstrual cycle knowledge, increase your cycle confidence and create a deeper connection with your monthly cycle.


What you'll learn in these 3 Live Classes:


Class 1: Understanding your Cycle Hormones

In this class discover your menstrual cycle and the hormonal changes through the 4 phases of your monthly cycle, along with how they contribute to how you feel. What hormones are they, what do they do and do they effect my cycle?

Class 2: Cycle Disrupters and What you can do!

Exploring the stuff that throws your cycle, your moods, your hormones and what feels like your life outta whack! Along with what you can do to bring them back to balance.

Class 3: Your Cycle and Contraception

Gain a better understanding of contraception; the good, the confusing, and how to choose a contraceptive method that serves your health and your goals. Chatting all things natural and non natural contraceptive options.


Reset Your Cycle Course - Jema Lee   Reset Your Cycle Course - Jema Lee   Reset Your Cycle Course - Jema Lee


What you’ll receive when you join us:

  • 3 x Live Zoom classes. Total of 127 minutes of Live Class time.
  • Access to bonus gifts, resources, PDFs and guidance to support you in resetting your cycle.

*All classes are recorded and available for replay
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What they say about Reset Your Cycle

"I have been really scared of getting pregnant to the point where it can put me off having sex altogether. Learning about these methods of contraception is all new to me, it’s so interesting. I already feel more confident. Thank you for this Jema " - Jasmine

"Thank you this Cycle Disrupters class was super helpful! Loving the series, can't wait for Day 3 ” - Mandy

"Thank you Jema! This class on hormones was SUPER helpful, looking forward to classes 2 and 3." - Laura

"Thanks jema! Always awesome to hear from you. I'm definitely starting to understand my cycle signs by tracking it. Love Your Cycle course + guide lover here too. I tell everyone!” - Esther

"I wish I had have of found this information when I was younger!” - Jaime