Squirt School



An empowering online course designed to support you in the art of Gspot orgasm and female ejaculation.

Join Rosie and learn how to squirt during self pleasure and how to let go and squirt with your partner!

What’s included:

  • 10 x tutorials by Rosie
  • 15 x videos across FOUR modules
  • 3 x guided healing meditations
  • 1 x ‘medibation’ guided audio – meditation meets masturbation!
  • Sex toy instructions and guidance – best dildos for squirting
  • Partner tips and techniques
  • Real life recorded demonstration both solo and with partner
  • 10 x sensual Embodiment Ritual examples by women
  • Private Facebook Group for connection

…did I mention you gain lifetime access to these teachings!?

Rosie Rees created this course with YOUR desires at the forefront baby!

For you, the honey who is longing to know more about what your body can do, she hears you, you want to truly feel orgasmic, juicy, alive and free.

Squirt School is built for you, the beauty who craves to experience her wild, unashamed, uninhibited nature whilst feeling open, safe, receptive and empowered, Squirt School is oh so in honour of YOU.

Rosie is going to guide you and teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about letting go and experiencing the delicious sensation of squirting!

Here's what is covered:squirt school rosie rees

  • What is squirting?
  • Real life recorded demonstration of squirting solo and with a partner
  • History and Anatomy of the G - zone
  • Blocks to Squirting and how to overcome them
  • Creating the emotional safety to open
  • Preparation for Squirting
  • Techniques for manual stimulation
  • Techniques for couples
  • Interviews with G Spot Experts
  • Yoni Egg Practise for activating the G- zone
  • Advice and stories from real life women in how they squirt and their experiences
  • Transmissions of feminine sensual embodiment rituals


Rosie poured everything she has researched and learned in her time working with thousands of women and couples, her personal experiences and knowledge, as well as pulling in G- zone experts to ensure Squirt School is THE online course for learning how to have a Gspot orgasm that can lead to the ecstatic, juicy experience of female ejaculation.

This course is for you if....
Rosie Rees Squirt School

  • if you are unable to fully let go in order to experience squirting & if you want to deepen your connection to yourself and to your partner.
  • if you have absolutely no idea how to master the technique side of things and want to be guided in the practical ‘how to’ of squirting.
  • if you want to work through and release your sexual blockages and experience shameless freedom and empowerment.
  • if you would love to try something new with your partner and explore together the art of female ejaculation and the intimacy it can create.
  • if you are craving to deepen your personal practise of self love and learn more about your body and what it can do.

Teachings include:

  • Technique for Self Pleasure
  • Sensual Embodiment Pleasure Rituals
  • G-Spot Guided Medibation
  • Best Dildos for Squirting
  • Anatomy of the Gspot
  • Solo Squirting Demonstration


*Strictly no refunds


When learning about your yoni quality education is of the utmost importance. This is why I am an Affiliate Seller for Yoni Pleasure Palace (based in Australia). After researching numerous companies, I have found the quality, customer service, and overall mission of their company to be the best!  receive a small commission on purchases made through the links on this page.