Vedic Woman Masterclass (Video + Worksheets)


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Pre-recorded audio workshop to guide you through the fundamentals for Ayurvedic living, womens health balance and vitality.

– 2 hour video of Ayurvedic Women’s knowledge

– Instant viewing access, watch or listen from anywhere with an internet connection.

– Includes downloadable Worksheet to guide you through the class to support you in adapting an Ayurvedic lifestyle.


What you’ll learn:

– Dosha’s fundamentals of each Vata, Pitta and Kapha

– How to debunk your health using Ayurvedic principles

– How your menstrual cycle works in with Ayurvedic teachings and philosophies

– The Ayurvedic qualities to bring imbalanced bodies back to balance

– Discover the Ayurvedic Daily rhythm and how to apply it in a modern western world

– Dosha specific imbalances

– Ayruvedic food elements to supporting women’s health.


“Thank you Jema, this masterclass was fantastic – so much
amazing knowledge that far exceeded my expectations.”

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This masterclass will bliss your heart,
activate your body and awaken your ancestral traditions.


Let’s celebrate being wo-man!

The Vedic Women

Recorded on International Women’s Day together we celebrate being women and coming home to our bodies through the methods and teachings of the ancient medicine of Ayurveda.
Over a delightful 2+ hours experience all elements of what it is to be live as an Ayurvedic Women through divine balance and harmony, through the process of movement, breathe, nurturing, community, connection and wisdom.

You’ll be guided through fundamental health worksheets for Ayurveda, educational classes all while feeling warm and fuzzy as if you’re surrounded by like minded women from all over the world.

“Jema’s way of explaining, her use of analogies and simplistic style of teaching is so easy to learn and digest. This class is so raw and honest I love it all. I found it nourishing, practical and comfortable.”
Tara Bailey, Brisbane

“Jema’s masterclasses and workshops are THE most beneficial thing’s I’ve ever
done for myself and my health as a women, you’ll love this event!”
Lily, Gold Coast

Throughout this masterclass you’ll learn the fundamentals of Ayurveda through the Dosha’s, the Ayurvedic elements and qualities to bring balance and harmony to your body. These teachings will also weave in womens health awareness through hormones, the menstrual cycle, emotions and Ayurvedic Psychology.

This masterclass is ideal for women of all ages, and regardless of your current state of health or health goals.


This workshop isn’t:

– a quick fix to your health goals or challenges (we don’t do those – EVER!)

– about Ayurvedic plans or diets (we also don’t do those)

– going to tell you what Dosha you are

This workshop IS for you if:

– you’re eager to learn about Ayurveda and ancient ways of the women’s body.

– you’d love to discover how the dosha’s work, their characteristics and their interrelationship with our health.

– you’re desiring a deeper awareness of how your body works as a women.

– you’re looking for an enlightening understanding of how living healthy can be easy and not overwhelming.

– you’re needing YOU time, time to reconnect with yourself, away from the outside world and are wanting to walk away from this class feeling like your heart has been reopened.

– you have moments of emotional highs or lows throughout any stage of your menstrual cycle and would love to know WHY and how to bring this back to balance.

– ready to kick start a new approach to your health challenges.


“You learn so much from this masterclass! It’s informative, open and fun. I learned so much about my body and I know you will too.”
Bec Thompson

“The Vedic Women masterclass was informative, helpful and so funny. Love how Jema normalise’s complex teachings and breaks everything down so I could simply understand it.”
Bree Fennell

How this class works:
Once you’ve registered you’ll receive a link to the LIVE recorded Video with your downloadable workbook.

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What others say about our Masterclass workshops:


“This master class is a great starting point for understanding how to feel awesome in your body on a daily basis. Gemma keeps it real honest, funny and simple.”

“The Vedic women masterclass is a fantastic way to learn how to connect with your body through the use of Ayurvedic Dosha living. it’s an intentional love filled Masterclass I found very inspiring educational and grounding.’

“This master class was inspiring helpful and supportive. I loved it all but most enjoyed learning about the Ayurvedic cycle of the day and how I can now structure my day depending on what mood I’m living in. Love learning about the dosha’s and their relationship with the body.”


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