The Vedic Women Half Day Retreat – In Person


When:  Sunday, 8th March
Time:  9:00am – 1:00pm
Where:  Currumbin, Gold Coast – QLD



– Welcome registration & welcome treats

– 60 minute Yoga Class  (for all yoga levels)

– Meditation & Breathe work exercise

– Vegan + Gluten Free grazing platters

– Workbook and Ayurvedic Guides

– Gifts to support you and your new found Ayurvedic knowledge


Not sure if this event is for you?

“Jema’s women’s events have changed my life. I know that sounds cheesy, but I swear it has made me feel like I’M finally in control of my life completely – my emotions and physical feelings – at every stage of every month of every year moving forward.”

Can’t join us in person?
Join us via LIVE STREAM here.

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This half day event will bliss your heart,
activate your body and awaken your ancestral traditions.


Let’s celebrate being wo-man!

The Vedic Women

Join us on International Womens Day as we celebrate being women and coming home to our bodies through the methods and teachings of the ancient medicine of Ayurveda.
Over a delightful 4 hours experience all elements of what it is to be live as an Ayurvedic Women through divine balance and harmony, through the process of movement, breathe, nurturing, community, connection and wisdom.

You’ll be guided through an hour yoga class (for all levels), breath work exercises, nourishing treats, educational classes and workbooks, while surrounded in a sacred space of women on International Women’s Day.

“Jema’s events and workshops are THE most beneficial thing’s I’ve ever
done for myself and my health as a women, you’ll love this event!”
Lily, Gold Coast

Throughout half day event you’ll learn the fundamentals of Ayurveda through the Dosha’s, the Ayurvedic elements and qualities to bring balance and harmony to your body. These teachings will also weave in womens health awareness through hormones, the menstrual cycle, emotions and Ayurvedic Psychology. All while we’ll enjoy refreshing nibblies, a warm stretch and touch on your yoga mat and a room filled with love and vitality.

This event is open for women of all ages, and regardless of your current state of health or health goals. This special event has been creatively structured to guide you to truly activating your inner vedic abilities and connect you with your health in a way you’ve never done before.

This day isn’t:

– a quick fix to your health goals or challenges

– you won’t be getting diets or plans to follow

– a morning you’ll walk away from with nothing to implement or take action on

This day IS for you if:

– you’re eager to learn about Ayurveda and ancient ways of the women’s body

– you’re desiring a deeper awareness of how your body works as a women

– you’re looking for an enlightening understanding of how living healthy can be easy and not overwhelming

– you’re needing YOU time, time to reconnect with yourself, away from the outside world and are wanting to walk away feeling like your heart has been reopened.

– you have moments of emotional highs or lows throughout any stage of your menstrual cycle and would love to know WHY and how to bring this back to balance

– ready to kick start a new approach to your health challenges

– just love having a great time and connecting with like minded women


Not sure if this event is for you?

I am so grateful that I came across Jema and her beautiful programs, cycle education and passion for womens health. She’s supported me in moving towards living in sync with my body and cycle, for which I will be forever grateful for these life changing insights. Nicolette Wijers, Gold Coast

Working with Jema feels like I’ve done 20 years of searching of the answers and finally finding them all within 120 minutes and a program with her that increases my energy, mental well being and overall quality of life in just a few months. Amber Hawken, Gold Coast


Your ticket includes: Educational talks/workshopping with Jema Lee, grazing food platers, Yoga class, meditation and arrival gifts.

Upon registration you’ll receive a ‘how to prepare guide’ within 24 hours for this women’s half day retreat, including what to bring, wear, location details and more…  All food will be gluten free and vegan (ie. dairy free) on the day.

Got questions?  Contact:
* Spaces are limited, bookings essential.
** Tickets are non-refundable or transferrable.


What others say about our events:

“Jema’s events have helped me accept and even embrace slowing down and allowing my body to rest during the phases it needs rest, something I never thought I’d be able to do because I have such a “go, go, go” mentality.”
Alicia, Melbourne AUS

“Jema’s workshops have absolutely changed my understanding of my cycle!!! It’s actually exciting knowing when I’m in the various phases and using the downloads and information I learned from the calls to best support each phase is brilliant.”
Alyssa, Perth AUS

“This event has made me rethink so many beliefs and concepts made me understand myself more, given me strength in trusting my intuition and proud to be a woman.”
Adele, Sydney AUS

“Jema’s taught me to listen to my body, especially in fatigues and understanding how nature influences our bodies and cycle especially the moon! It has taught me to embrace being a woman (feminine).”
Brooke, Gold Coast AUS