Quick & Easy Gluten Free Pizza Recipe – The Guilt-Free Healthy way!

Now who doesn’t love pizza?  Eating a Gluten Free and mostly Dairy Free diet does not mean you can’t indulge in your own do it yourself fast food treats. One of those for me is Gluten Free Pizza, it’s super quick and easy to make, healthy and guilt free!

We all know that the most important element of making a pizza is the base. Since going Gluten Free years ago it is safe to say I have basically tried them all, from home made pizza dough to brought pizza bases.  One quick thing I tried and ended up loving was using wraps, after trialling all of the GF wraps on the markets by far these Organic Gluten Free Wraps are the best for making GF pizza’s hands down. It’s Quick and Easy, they are great for you and you can treat yourself without the trauma of spoiling yourself. Here is my Gluten Free Pizza Recipe.

Pizza Topping:

You can use whatever you have available in your fridge at the time, I like to use any left overs such as vegetables, meats and sauces. These are just some of my must includes when it comes to making pizza.
– Spinach
– Tomato
– Avocado
– Home Made Pesto
– Organic Herb Tomato Paste
– Herb’s and Spices
– Nut’s and Seeds – Walnuts, Cashews, Almonds, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Kernels
– Cheese and Toffini Cream Cheese (this stuff is the most amazing gluten free, diary free Cream Cheese made from Tofu – better than Philadelphia!)

Pizza Base:Gluten Free Pizza Recipe Key Ingredient

As mentioned above there are many types of pizza bases available but when it comes to making GF pizza I can’t go past my Old Time Organic Gluten Free Wrap’s.  You can purchase these from any health food store, however what is super easy about these is that you can also get them at Woolworths.

Old Time Organic Gluten Free Wraps are:
– Gluten Free
– Yeast Free
– Wheat Free
– Lactose Free
– Nut Free

Certified ACO. Product of Australia.  Ingredients: Soy Flour*, Buckwheat Flour*, Maize Flour*, Vegetable Gum (xanthan gum), Salt, Filtered Water.
*Certified Organic Ingredients. 4 per pack.


Each Wrap Pizza Base serves 1 (20cm in diameter)
Great idea for entertaining is making a few flavours from the pack of 4!

1. Place your wrap on a pizza or oven tray
2. Apply your base ingredient – Organic Herbed Tomato Paste or Home Made Pesto
3. Add your toppings. Adding any meats first followed by Vegetables and toped with spices, seeds or coconut flakes.
4. Place in oven at 180 degrees to cook until light brown – or cheese is golden.  (roughly 15-20mins depending on oven type).
5. Set aside to cool for 2-5 mins, cutserve and EAT!

Eat Well, Be Well & Live Well


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