Suffer with constipation or looking for a DIY cost effective way to colon cleanse? Try this Salt Water Flush Recipe. Salt water flushing has been around for centuries and it’s one of the easiest and noninvasive ways to help flush your colon out whether you’re blocked up, feel you may have a bug or you’re just looking to reignite your energy or overall wellbeing.

Ready to sweep out, de-bloat and have a happy belly, here’s how to salt water flush.

What you’ll need:

2 teaspoons of raw organic sea salt

1.5 liters of water



1. Warm 1 liter of water to drinking temperature, not boiling

2. Add the salt and stir vigorously making sure that all the salt has been dissolved.

3. Drink. Drink the warm salt water mixture within a couple of minutes for the flush to work it’s best.

4. After you’ve drunk the salt walt continue to drink the remaining 500ml of water between now and when you need to go. (but don’t go just yet)

5. After you’ve completed drinking the 1ltr salt water, lay on your back with your knees in the air, feet on the ground. Rub your belly in circular motions from right hip – right rib – left rib – left hip – right hip. Clockwise direction when you look at our belly. Alternatively you can lay on your side. Either way ensure you are full relaxed and giving yourself the self massage, this helps the body absorb the salt fully.

6. Within around 30mins you should start to feel the need to go to the toilet. Hold on as long as you can.

7. When you can hold on no more go to the toilet.  You most likely will not just go once but you may go a couple of times.  Give yourself a few hours to rest, be with yourself (preferably at home) with no appointments to rush off too as over the next few hours you may need to go to the toilet again.


* Himalayan salt is ok to use also, it just wont be as strong a flush I prefer celtic sea salt.
* Make sure the salt you choose is pure and not iodised, meaning it contains no iodine at all
* Add lemon water to the water to make it more palatable if you wish.



Signs you need to Flush or Cleanse:

– you have less than 1 bowel movement per day

– you suffer from any digestive challenges including IBS, Leaky Gut, Constipation

– you have a history of experiencing constipation

– you feel bloated after eating

– you have gas particularly after eating

– you’ve never done a colon cleanse before

– you want to colon cleanse but you’re on a budget

– you have a history of eating refined sugar, processed food, meant and dairy

– you’re just looking to achieve regularly radiant health  (who isn’t right)

– or… you’re looking to kickstart you’re journey with a new starting place. YAY!


After any type of colon cleanse or flush it’s important to take probiotics to aid in strengthening the good bacteria. When choosing a probiotic always ensure it’s pharmaceutically graded.  When healing my leaky gut this made one of the biggest differences between being bloated and gassy to not being bloated and gassy.  Want guidance in using the probiotic I recommend?  Click here to set up a Free 20min Health Discovery Call where you’ll learn customised vital starting steps for you on your journey.

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