Breakfast seems to be one of the most challenging meals of the day for many people. Perhaps because the snooze button has been hit one too many times or that the last thing you want to do in the morning is make food – try these super simple healthy breakfast swaps for making breakfasts do-able, easy and can be taken on-the go. 

5 Simple Healthy Breakfast Swaps to try in 2017:

1. Replace Butter and mayo with Avocado – on everything

Adding healthy (filling) fats to your breakfast aid in keeping you feeling fuller for longer, but more importantly keeping mid morning and late afternoon munchies at bay.

Jema Lee Avocado Breakfast

2. Chia pudding over Porridge or Processed Yoghurt

Chia puddings are the easiest thing to make not to mention you can make 3+ at a time to really save on breakfast time. The most ideal Chia Pudding toppings and seasonal fruit’s and/or nuts and seeds. Tip: Keep a jar of your favourite nut/seed mix on hand in the pantry and sprinkle over your pudding in the morning or the night before. Chia puddings like health fats are fantastic for keeping you full through till lunch.

3. Swap coffee for a Smoothie

Coffee is most common for the “I feel like death pick me up” however with the right balance of ingredients smoothies or shakes can have an even bigger effect without the nasty caffeine crash. Here’s my 2 minute smoothie magic recipe guide, smoothies are easy, fun and simple. 

2 Minute Smoothie Recipe

Breakfast smoothies

4. Add more colour for a colourful day – Fruit Salad

Mix your favourite fruits with freshly boiled (or use leftovers) quinoa for a super food hit in the morning.  Popular for after early morning activities to beat the post training munchies, combine your favourite summer fruits with quinoa, add avocado, activated nuts and seeds is a great way easy way to refuel.

My favourite combination:  Strawberry, Blueberries, Mango, Avocado with Spinach leaves, quinoa, pumpkin seeds and crushed brazil nuts. Also fantastic with turmeric sprinkled on top.

5. Ditch heavy processed grains for a Turmeric Zucchini Egg Bowl

Eggs are a great way to start your day for our non-vegan’s. They’re quick and easy to make, plus a great way to get protein first thing in the day – curb morning hunger if your one to be hungry the moment you open your eyes, plus you can make them pritty much anywhere (home or travelling).

I love to add turmeric to eggs and almost everything I make at home as it’s simply amazing. Packed with anti-inflammatory benefits, antioxidants, can improve digestion, know to lower cholesterol, as in fat metabolism and fantastic for skin just to mention a few. It’s important to get a good quality powder with no synthetics to where possible best to choose organic.

Alternatively turn this 3 ingredient recipe into frittata’s and take them on the go or make a batch on Sunday for the week ahead.

Crack 2 egg’s or 3 egg whites into an oiled fry pan, great ¼-½ zucchini into the eggs as they warm, sprinkle organic turmeric powder on top with salt and paper. Scrabble or make into an omelet.

Optional add in’s:
– baby spinach
– alfalfa sprouts
– top with avocado
– top with kimchi
– grate in sweat potato


Jema Lee Easy Breakfast Bowls
5 minute Breakfast bowls.

Wellsome by Jema Lee Signature

pps. comment below and tell me, what are your simple healthy breakfast swaps?

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