Squirting and G Spot Orgasms with Rosie Rees : Episode 82

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Female ejaculation, is it even possible? Yes females can ejaculate it’s most commonly referred to as squirting. When women often hear about squirting for the first time curiosity spikes and they think, “how can I do that”. (Or was that just me, haha). Squirting is a physiological phenomenon most typically associated with orgasm, g-spot orgasm for that matter.

For many women talking about sex in general can be taboo and somewhat uncomfortable, so I brought my good friend Rosie Ree’s on to join me for the episode to open up about orgasms. This episode is part 1 of a 2 part episode series that’s devoted to conversations about orgasms, to be specific; squirting and g-spot orgasms. Part 2, Episode 83 is focused on cervix orgasms, listen to it here.


Meet our Podcast Guest:

Rosie Rees is a sex toy entrepreneur, stigma trail-blazer and social media button-pusher. She is the creator of Yoni Pleasure Palace, founder of the Women’s Nude Yoga and one of Australia’s leading Sex & Relationship Coaches. Rosie believes that getting naked – both physically and non-physically – is the key to self acceptance, healing body image and creating lasting relationships. She’s passionate about sharing the power of Yoni Eggs for pelvic floor strength and Crystal Pleasure Wands to inspire women to become more sensually awake and empowered in their sexuality.

Squirting & G Spot Orgasms with Rosie Rees - Episode 82


In this episode we chat about:

    • What is a Yoni?
    • What is the G Spot – does it exist
    • Where to start with self pleasure
    • Creating a self pleasure practice
    • Renaming your G Spot
    • Can every woman squirt?
    • Porn’s effect on the squirting psyche
    • How to awaken your G spot?


Explore G-Spot and Squirting self pleasure with these products Rosie mentioned in this episode:

Yoni Eggs – I started with this Obsidian Egg

The Sacred Squirter – Glass tool designed to make you squirt um, yes please!  (Also featured in the image with Rosie above)

Rose Quartz Crystal Wand – Crystal dildo

Click here for more Crystal Wands

Continue to explore them all here….

Use code: YONILOVE at checkout to save via this link, or the ones above.


Other Podcast Episodes with Rosie Ree:

Yoni Love, Orgasm, Vibrators and Pleasure Wands with Rosie Rees : Episode 76

Yoni Eggs, Nudity and Sexual confidence with Rosie Rees : Episode 10

Connect with Rosie for daily yoni inspiration and education over at @rosie.rees on Instagram. You’ll also discover more about her work via her website www.rosierees.com and her online Yoni Pleasure Palace, here.


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  1. Kamilla Norrman

    Hi, I really enjoy the podcast #82 with Rosie! Thanks so much. All the best, Kamilla

    • Jema Lee

      Hey Kamilla, So thrilled you loved this episode as much as me! Jem

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